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Delicious organic sea-buckthorn juices

9 makes sea-buckthorn juices which are known for their exceptionally good taste. The sea-buckthorn used in 9’s juices are from Pärnu in Estonia, from an area which provides ideal growing conditions for sea-buckthorn. The berries from this area grow to have an exceptionally sweet and soft taste which will pleasantly surprise anyone used to the tart flavor of sea-buckthorn when they taste the organic juices of 9. The selection of 9 includes sweetened and unsweetened juices, sea-buckthorn powder and refreshing sea-buckthorn ice tea. Enjoy the many benefits of sea-buckthorn with 9!

9’s sea-buckthorn juice is made from organic berries

The sea-buckthorn used in 9’s products are from Pärnu in Estonia, from an area called Tahkuranta. The area provides exceptionally good growing conditions for sea-buckthorn: the groundwater runs 90 centimeters deep which is also where the roots of sea-buckthorn reach. Thus the sea-buckthorn waters itself with the groundwater. The soil of Tahkuranta is also free from heavy metals and no chemicals are used for growing the sea-buckthorn.

A particular species of sea-buckthorn is used in 9’s products which produces berries with a softer and sweeter taste than what many people who have tried sea-buckthorn have got used to. The sea-buckthorn used in the juices are also organic. There is no need to boil the organic berries which preserves the good nutrients as well as the flavor much better. After picking, the berries are frozen after which they are compressed into juice or dried and ground into powder.

The success story of 9 started from a viral video

9 was founded by Ville Heinonen, a former bootlegger from East-Helsinki who is no stranger to the dark side of life. After leaving the harsh years behind him he found healthy life habits which are founded on sea-buckthorn juice. Heinonen believes in the benefits of sea-buckthorn juice so firmly that he decided to start producing his own sea-buckthorn juice after trying the delicious sea-buckthorn from Tahkuranta. Heinonen also wants to act as an example for those who wish to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Heinonen and his 9 sea-buckthorn became viral in Finland in 2020 when Heinonen posted a video on Facebook of himself peddling his juices around Helsinki with his orange Lada. 9’s juices became an instant hit and today the products are widely available all around Finland. We are happy to say that now it is also possible to order these amazing sea-buckthorn products anywhere in the world from Arctic Pure. Try for yourself and order today!

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