Metsä/Skogen Scent Drops Essential Oil Blend

Metsä/Skogen Scent Drops Essential Oil Blend

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Scent Drops is a unique 100% essential oil blend that combines a pure coniferous forest with a sweet citrus scent. The scent of the perennial forest is the result of long-term product development and has been inspired by Finnish forests and its various strata. The main scent is the nuances of different conifers and the sweet citrus freshness at the bottom.

The real essential oils of the scent relax and soothe the mind - as the forest does. The Unisex fragrance is suitable for large and small spaces and the cap of the pipette bottle makes it easy to control the number of drops.

Additional info

Abies alba, origanum vulgare carcarol, pinus sylvesteris, juniperus communis, lavandula angustifolia.
Potential allergens: geraniol*, linalool*, lynalyl acetate*, pinene*, limonene*.
* = natural essential oil component

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