SunSpelt Organic Spelt Licorice

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One taste and you’re hooked!

You may have eaten licorice, but you’ve never tasted licorice like this. Made from organic, whole grain spelt flour, molasses, coconut palm sugar and licorice, SunSpelt’s licorice delivers a delicious, full-bodied and satisfying taste of licorice for satisfying your sweets cravings naturally – without any sugar crash afterwards. Suitable for everyone, this one is sure to become a favorite in your family as it has in ours.

This organic liquorice has no additives. It’s good for many who usually avoid sweets, as just a few bites take away a sugar craving. The ingredients do not cause the same effects that sugar does in a body. Contains whole grain spelt, coconut palm nectar and Himalayan crystal salt.

  • Easily satisfy your sugar craving
  • Made from 100% Finnish whole grain spelt
  • 6% protein and 100% pure organic with no additives
  • Flavored with coconut palm sugar & Himalayan crystal salt
  • Top-quality raw ingredients from the finest suppliers
  • Especially delicious in desserts

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Additional info

Molasses*, spelt wheatmeal 32 %*, coconut palm sugar*, licorice extract*, sugar beet syrup*, Himalajan salt, anise oil.
* = organic

Nutritional information / 100 g
Energy (kJ), 1333
Energy (kcal), 315
Fatty acids (g), 1,5
- saturated (g), 0,45
Carbohydrate (g), 66,9
- sugars (g), 43,5
Fibre (g), 4,4
Protein (g), 6,2
Salt (g), 0,35

Shelf life unopened
at the room temperature

Shelf life opened
at the room temperature

SunSpelt Oy

Weight and dimensions
Licorice Bar 28 g - 0.035 kg - [30,10,150]

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