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SunSpelt – health and vitality from the ancient grain 🌾

Spelt is an ancient grain known for its excellent nutritional values, high concentration of fibers and protein and being suitable for a sensitive stomach. SunSpelt makes delicious, responsible and ethical spelt products for baking, cooking and treating yourself. The SunSpelt products offer maximum flavor, excellent nutrition and superior quality with every bite. Order today and enjoy the pure spelt power!

Spelt has long traditions of use

Spelt is a species of wheat. Spelt is one of the first grains which began to be cultivated approximately 5000 B.C., mostly in Europe and the Middle East. The popularity of spelt peaked in the Middle Ages, until common wheat and durum wheat largely replaced it mainly because they gave better crops and were easier to harvest. Today spelt is cultivated in Central Europe and Northern Spain and it has also gained popularity among health enthusiasts in recent decades.

Spelt is a stomach-friendly grain

Spelt has many excellent nutritional qualities: it is rich in fiber and protein and it is particularly gentle for the stomach. According to research, spelt contains less short-chain carbohydrates (FODMAP carbs) than other grains which can cause bloating and stomach ache for some people. This particular kind of carbohydrate composition can be the reason why many people who cannot consume other grains are able to digest spelt.

Spelt also contains zinc, phosphorus and thiamine (vitamin B1).

SunSpelt – plenty of taste, pure and organic ingredients

SunSpelt was founded nearly 20 years ago by Kari Kaipainen. He was impressed by the delicious grain and the possibilities it could offer and made it his quest to make this wonderful grain more known. Since the beginning SunSpelt has focused on making products that are genuinely good for our bodies and the environment.

SunSpelt products are all made from organic ingredients and they don’t contain any additives or preservatives. SunSpelt products are clean and pure and of the highest quality. The spelt flours, cereals, porridges and quinoa can be used for baking and cooking, from everyday meals to culinary adventures.

Enjoy the vitality from the SunSpelt products!