Nordic Kings Premium Organic Bone Broth

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Bone Broth Premium made from the absolute finest raw materials sourced from Swedish, grass fed, organic and KRAV certified cattle.

Bone broth Premium is high in collagen (84%). Supports healthy joints, skin, hair & nails. Contains 0% sugar and is a fantastic quick, easy and nutritious meal.

Use in soups (or as a soup), baking, as protein powder in your shake or smoothie, in pancake and waffle recipes and so much more.

  • Premium quality
  • Swedish Organic and KRAV certified cattle
  • Grass-fed cattle
  • Gently dehydrated
  • Absolutely NO soy or sunflower lecithin
  • Highly bioavailable proteins
  • Lab-tested for heavy metals

Why is Bone Broth Premium Powder good for me?

Bone broth Premium is a good bioavailable source of beneficial amino acids, mainly glycine.

In addition, Bone Broth Premium is rich in collagen (84%). Collagen is the body’s most abundant protein and it is found primarily in our connective tissue. The body’s natural ability to produce supportive amounts of connective tissue declines after the age of 25.

An average person today gets very little collagen through their diet, which is why it is so important to supplement collagen to maintain normal bones and muscles as you age.

Made from the Finest Raw Materials

Our Bone Broth Premium is made from the absolute finest raw materials sourced from Swedish, grass fed, organic and KRAV certified cattle. Marrow bones and bones rich in collagen are gently simmered in filtered water for 72 hours to release all the powerful nutrients.

What’s left is an incredibly nutritious bone broth that we carefully dehydrate into a clean tasty powder. Bone broth Premium contains absolutely no emulsifiers such as soy lecithin or sunflower lecithin. That’s why you might need some extra stirring while preparing. 

How to use Premium Bone Broth Powder?

Scoop 1-2 tablespoons of bone broth powder in an empty glass or cup and pour over 200 ml of hot water, stir well to avoid clumping and season according to taste. Add in Nordic Kings beef bone marrow fat or the 100% beef kidney fat and you have your amazingly nutritious homemade bone broth in just 2 minutes.

Other ways to use Premium Bone Broth Powder is to sprinkle it over meals as you would a seasoning. Or to use it instead of a protein powder in shakes, pancakes or waffle recipes.

Additional info

Swedish Grass Fed Organic Beef Bone Broth Powder.

Nutritional content 100 g // serving
Energy (kJ), 1770 // 212,4
Energy (kcal), 420 // 50,4
Fat (g), 2 // 0,24
- of which saturated (g), 0,8 // 0,1
Carbohydrate (g), 1 // 0,12
- of which sugar (g), 0 // 0
Protein (g), 95 // 11,4
Salt (g), 2 // 0,24
Collagen (g), 84 // 10,1

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