Foodin Organic Gingerbread Dates

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Foodin Organic Gingerbread Dates – A taste of Christmas, natural sweetness!

Feeling like Christmas is too far away? Craving the taste of gingerbread any time of the year? The Foodin Organic Gingerbread Dates transports you to the festive spirit wherever and whenever! We blend the genuine taste of gingerbread with the natural sweetness of dates.

Authentic Gingerbread Flavor, Pure Organic Goodness

Foodin Organic Gingerbread Dates are gluten-free, organic, and crafted from carefully selected ingredients. The traditional spiciness of gingerbread combined with the succulence of dates merges harmoniously, creating a taste sensation that will bring a smile to your face. This delicacy contains no added sugars, with the dates providing its inherent sweetness.

Isn't it wonderful to indulge yourself and your loved ones with a natural treat without a hint of guilt? Whether it's a snack, the anticipation of Christmas, or a surprise for guests, Foodin Organic Gingerbread Dates are your choice!

Additional info

Date*, gingerbread spice* (Cinnamon*, nutmeg*, clove*, cardamom*, black pepper*, ginger*).
= organic

Packed in a factory that handles nuts (cashew, Brazil, pecan, pistachio, macadamia, hazelnut, and walnut) almonds, sesame seeds, and whey protein (from milk).

Nutritional Content / 100 g
Energy (kJ); 1338
Energy (kcal), 316
Fat (g), 0.2
of which saturated fatty acids (g), 0.1
Carbohydrates (g), 69.6
of which sugars (g), 65.3
Fiber (g), 7.7
Protein (g), 2.1
Salt (g), 0.01

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