Arctic Pure Biotin 10 mg

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High-quality biotin for hair, skin and nails

Arctic Pure Biotin 10 mg is a strong and high-quality Finnish biotin supplement for nails, hair and skin. Biotin or Vitamin B7 belongs to the group of water-soluble vitamins. It is best known as the “beauty vitamin” that improves the conditions of hair, skin and mucous membranes. However, biotin also has other important functions such as participating in the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates.

Lack of biotin leads to various skin problems

The lack of biotin is a rare state and the most common symptoms are skin problems such as rash, acne, psoriasis, skin celiac disease or itching of the skin. Long-term deficiency can lead to various hair problems and eventually lead even to osteoporosis.

Proven health benefits:

  • Biotin improves normal energy metabolism.
  • Biotin improves the function of the nervous system.
  • Biotin improves the normal metabolism of macronutrients.
  • Biotin improves the normal psychological functions.
  • Biotin helps to maintain good hair conditions.
  • Biotin helps to maintain the normal state of the mucous membranes.
  • Biotin helps to maintain good skin.

A lot of quality research has been done on the benefits of biotin but as a company operating under the Food Act we unfortunately are unable to go through them further.

Arctic Pure – only from Hyvinvoinnin Tavaratalo

We wanted to give a promise of purity. This is how Arctic Pure was born.

The Arctic Pure products are made entirely in Finland and they contain nothing unnecessary. We left out all the glazing agents, preservatives, fillers, colourants and sweeteners. In addition, the capsules are 100 % vegan.


For adults, 1 capsule per day.

The recommended daily intake must not be exceeded. The supplement does not replace versatile diet or healthy life habits. The product must be kept out of reach of children.


  • Lactose free
  • Gluten free
  • Sugar-free
  • Unsweetened
  • Preservative-free

Additional info

Rice flour, Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, D biotin.

Nutrients / daily intake (1 capsule)
Biotin (microgram), 10 000 (20 000 %*)
* = percentage of the reference value of the recommended daily intake

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at room temperature

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