Collection: Yrttihertta

Add more vegetables to your plate with Yrttihertta!

Yrttihertta brings the tastiest and healthiest flavors of the Finnish nature to your plate! Yrttihertta prepares easy-to-use vegetable powders which are an easy way to add vegetables in your daily diet. The carrot, nettle, beetroot, blackcurrant and lingonberry used in the products are tasty and full of good nutrients! The vegetable powders give more color and flavor to soups, breads, smoothies, yogurt and even pastries and desserts. The Yrttihertta products are light and they store well, which also makes them an ideal addition to travel foods!

Vegetables from the pure Finnish nature

Vegetables are the cornerstone of a healthy diet. Though nothing beats fresh vegetables on your plate, the Yrttihertta products bring a nice variation to your cooking. The Yrttihertta vegetable powders are an easy way to add more essential nutrients to your daily diet. The Yrttihertta selection includes:

The Finnish nature offers an ideal environment for vegetables and herbs to grow: the clean air, soil and water also result in clean and tasty vegetables. Vegetables are an environmentally friendly food especially when they are consumed according to the season and by utilizing them completely.

The Yrttihertta products are made from these pure ingredients. The vegetables are dried in low temperatures in order to preserve all their good nutrients as well as possible. After that the dried vegetables are ground into powder. Vegetables which are threatened to go to food waste are also utilized in the making of the Yrttihertta products. The products are packed in packages made from 100 % recyclable materials.

Since the Yrttihertta products are dried, they can be preserved for a long time. The products are light and they can be packed in small space so they are easy to carry with you for example during hiking trips.