Collection: Riipisen

Game delicacies and genuine wild food from Finland

Riipisen is not only known for their canned game delicacies but also for their restaurant chosen as the best game restaurant in Finland. In addition to the canned reindeer, elk and bear, you can find berry powders and berry jellies inspired by the Nordic nature from their selection. Get a taste of these Nordic delicacies and order today!

Nutritious wild foods since 1989

Riipisen Riistaherkut Ltd is a family company from Kuusamo, located in the North of Finland. The company was founded in 1989 by Pekka and Päivi Riipinen (former Miss Finland) when their first game shop was opened in the center of Kuusamo. Back then products from bear, reindeer, elk and alligator could be found in their selection. The couple’s love for nature was a driving force already then: Pekka had been an enthusiastic hunter and fisherman since his youth and Päivi loved to collect berries and mushrooms from the forests of Kuusamo. They often created delicious meals together from these delicious ingredients. Today the company Riipinen is led by the couple’s two sons, Markus and Mikael Riipinen.

The legendary game restaurant of Riipinen was opened in 1992

Pekka and Päivi opened the legendary game restaurant “Riipisen Riistaravintola” in February 1992 to Ruka, Kuusamo. Later on the restaurant has been selected as the best game restaurant in Finland. The story tells that the idea to open the restaurant came to Päivi in a dream in which she had dreamed that the couple had rented a location for the restaurant in Ruka. Three weeks after the dream the family Riipinen rented a 30-seat cottage right next to the ski resort in Ruka. This place came to be the restaurant and the shop.

Game delicacies for every home

As the restaurant business grew, customers were told to have been carrying food from the restaurant all the way back to their home, even hundreds of kilometers away from the restaurant. This gave the family Riipinen the idea to start to produce canned game and wild foods. This is how the story of the game delicacies of Riipinen started, and today their selection includes game, fish and berry conserves as well as wild herb and tea products.

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