Collection: Nokkos Company

Kombucha from Arctic nettle

Nokkos Company is known for their exotic kombuchas which are based on Arctic nettle. These handmade decaf drinks get their flavors from wild herbs, berries, polypore and flowers from the Finnish Lapland. Experience these world-class thirst-quenchers!

Kombuchas full of wild flavors from the North

Nokkos Company (nokkos=nettle) was founded by Lari Laurikkala, a chef and product development enthusiast, and Sampsa Siekkinen, one of the founders of the chocolate company Goodio. The two experts got together by chance and decided to join forces to create a completely unique kombucha brand based on wild ingredients from Finnish Lapland. They founded their kombucha brewery in Helsinki in 2019 and so Nokkos Company was born.

The key ingredients of the Nokkos Company kombuchas are nettle and pure spring water, both originating from the wild Lapland nature. The kombuchas get an extra kick from Nordic herbs, berries, polypore and flowers. The kombuchas are sweetened with organic cane sugar and honey.

The kombuchas are made with a natural fermentation process in which the ingredients are fermented with yeasts and bacteria for several weeks. This results in a fresh and delicious drink full of healthy lactic acid bacteria good for the stomach. Due to the fermentation process, the kombuchas contain about 1 % alcohol. The sugar content is low (<3 g / 100 ml) which makes the kombuchas suitable with many kinds of foods.
The selection of Nokkos Company includes three unique and fresh flavors:

  • Spruce sprout and lingzhi
  • Lingonberry and crowberry
  • Heather and gooseberry

Try all three and choose your favorite!

What is kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented tea drink which contains plenty of lactic acid bacteria. Kombucha is considered to originate from China. The fresh-flavored yet slightly sweet kombucha is an excellent alternative to sugary beverages.