Collection: Men's Cosmetic

For the handsome man that you are

Every man is handsome. Smile, kindness, caring for others and a sincere attitude make you even more attractive. Take care of yourself and choose high-quality and ethical products which do good for both you and the environment.

Natural cosmetics for men who appreciate simplicity

Men’s skincare is a continuously rising trend as more and more men want to pay more attention to their wellbeing and consequently on their looks as well. A clean skin and a groomed beard and hair will undoubtedly never go out of style.

You can find all the men’s cosmetic products you need to take care of yourself from us, such as shaving creams, aftershaves, washing products and moisturizers – all designed for a simple, easy and effortless skincare routine.

We have selected only the most interesting products with the best price-quality ratio to our selection. Our natural products are practical, effective and safe to use and they don’t contain anything unnecessary such as synthetic fragrances. You can find some of the best ingredients that the Nordic nature has to offer from the products, such as the hydrating and nourishing birch sap.

Men’s skincare differs from women’s skincare

Men’s skin is different from women’s skin which is why men also need their own products. Not all the skincare products for men available on the market take these differences sufficiently into consideration. That’s why we at The Arctic Pure have selected only the kind of products into our selection which you can trust to be effective and suitable for your skin.

Men’s skin is about 25 % thicker than women’s due to testosterone and higher collagen density. The texture of men’s skin is also rougher than women’s. Men also tend to have oilier skin because men’s pores produce more sebum than women’s. That is why acne is a more common problem for men – and also why men don’t tend to feel the need to moisturize their skin as actively as women. Due to these reasons men’s skin is not that sensitive and why it tolerates stronger ingredients than women’s. However, continuous shaving can irritate men’s skin which is why a good shaving cream and aftershave are a good investment.

Clean and fresh fragrances

Men’s products can often have a very strong and irritating fragrance. In natural cosmetics the fragrances are natural and typically come from essential oils. Synthetic fragrances are forbidden in certified natural cosmetics. Therefore you can find real fragrances from nature in our products, such as herbs and the earthy scent of trees.

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