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Feel the healing power of spruce resin on your skin

Finnabis makes spruce resin balms for humans and our four-legged friends with a traditional Finnish recipe. The antibacterial spruce resin is known to support the healing of wounds, burns, rashes and other skin lesions. Try it for yourself!

Spruce resin from Lapland treats skin ailments

Finnabis spruce resin balm is a 100 % Finnish natural product. Finnabis spruce resin balms are made from Finnish spruce resin, hemp oil and beeswax.

Spruce resin balm can be used for the treatment of skin lesions, such as small wounds, burns, rashes, wards and inflammations. The Finnabis spruce resin balm is long lasting and absorbs well on the skin, leaving a pleasant scent on the skin.

Medicinal use of spruce resin

Spruce resin has been utilized in Finnish folk medicine for centuries as an ailment which brings aid to many kinds of skin ailments. Spruce resin has scientifically been proven to have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Spruce resin prevents inflammation and the growth of bacteria on the skin as well as stimulates the growth of new skin on the wound. These healing and protecting properties of spruce resin are based on resin acids and lignans.

In the last couple of decades, the status of spruce resin has changed from a traditional cure to a scientifically proven method to treat wounds and inflammations. The Finnish orthopedist, D.Med.Sc. Arno Sipponen and his research group have been in the forefront of demonstrating the many medical usages of spruce resin. Spruce resin was accepted as a medical product in Finland in 2008.

Please note that spruce resin balm is not suitable for people who are sensitive or allergic to resin acid.