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Hukka – massage stones from soapstone

Hukka Design designs and manufactures sauna and wellness products from durable Carelian soapstone. Soapstone is a 100 % natural material which gives each item a unique look. Soapstone accumulates both heat and cold for a long time which makes it an ideal material for massage stones. Try for yourself!

Soapstone is an ideal material for massage stones

Hot stone therapies have been used for thousands of years and it is well known that hot stones soothe the muscles efficiently.

All Hukka Design products are made in Finland from over 2,8 billion years old Carelian soapstone. The soapstone was formed from fluid volcanic stone in intense heat and extremely high pressure in an area that nowadays borders Finland and Russia. The soapstone was revealed in the Ice Age as the ice swept over the area leveling down the Carelian mountain range.

The Carelian soapstone is a durable material which has had to withstand the harsh Nordic climate. Soapstone endures both hot and cold really well. It is capable of retaining heat and cold for a long time. It accumulates about 2,5 times as much energy as the porous stones usually used for hot stone therapy. This means that you need much less soapstones for massaging for achieving good results.

Another unique characteristic of Carelian soapstone is the fact that its porosity is very low. Therefore it doesn’t collect dirt so easily or absorb any liquids or tastes. It is also therefore easy to clean and perfect for use as massage stones.

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