Collection: Flow Cosmetics

High-quality natural cosmetics from Finland

Flow Cosmetics is a Finnish natural cosmetics brand known for their therapeutic chakra soaps. You can also find lovely face and body care products in their selection, all made from natural ingredients. See the selection and choose your favorites!


Natural cosmetics from organic and wild ingredients

Flow Cosmetics offers an all-natural and organic selection of cosmetics for the face and body. The purity and quality of the products are essential for Flow Cosmetics which is why they are always carefully selected.

Flow Cosmetics utilizes ingredients from the Finnish nature in their products, such as berry seed oils and flower extracts. The portion of organically certified ingredients and wild plants from the pure Nordic nature used in the products is particularly high. Flow Cosmetics strictly complies with the criteria for certified natural cosmetics. The products or ingredients used in the products are not animal tested.

FLOW Cosmetics:

  • made in Finland
  • lots of ingredients from the pure Finnish nature
  • natural ingredients
  • no artificial ingredients
  • recyclable packaging materials

Flow Cosmetics makes their products sustainably in their own factory

Flow Cosmetics manufactures their products in their own factory in Riihimäki, Finland. The products are made in small batches which ensures the freshness of the products.

All packaging materials used in the products are recyclable or burnable, such as cardboard and glass.

The design of the Flow Cosmetics products were recently refreshed. Shop the new and improved Flow Cosmetics!