FLOW Cosmetics Arctic Beauty Oil

  • FLOW Cosmetics Arctic Beauty Oil

FLOW Cosmetics Arctic Beauty Oil

42.95 €

Package Size: 30 ml Best Before: 30.06.2023 Inventory Quantity: 5 Manufacturing Country: Finland

This rich oil serum strengthens the skin and increases elasticity. FLOW Arctic Beauty oil protects your skin against premature aging and brightens your complexion. A vegan face oil for sensitive skin.

FLOW Arctic Beauty Oil - an affordable luxury

A true luxury face serum enriched with arctic berry seed oils, combined with precious rose, neroli and frankincense essential oils.

  • nourishes
  • restores vitality
  • and leaves the skin smooth and soft

This serum is particularly suitable for sensitive skin as it helps soothe skin irritations and redness.

As an added bonus, the aromatherapeutic essential oils help relax the mind and ease any facial muscle tension, increasing your overall well-being.

To use

Apply a few drops of the oil serum on cleansed face or mix into your facial cream. Allow the serum to absorb well before adding makeup.

Tips and tricks

  • the Arctic Beauty oil serum is ideal for facial massage
  • pair with Flow Cosmetics Bilberry Facial Cream or Flow Cosmetics Hyaluronic Acid & Probiotics Serum
  • by combining an oil serum and awater-based serum or cream, the absorption of the products is enhanced and the moisturising capacity is multiplied!

Active ingredients:

  • Arctic lingonberry – offers antioxidant protection to slow down skin ageing, moisturising, brightening and skin whitening
  • Arctic sea buckthorn – slows down skin ageing, protects skin against UV damage, moisturises and improves elasticity. Strengthens sensitive, irritated, itchy and stressed skin
  • Arctic Bilberry (wild blueberry) – Soothing, anti-ageing, skin tone brightening. Offers antioxidant protection.
  • Arctic Blackcurrant – Effectively prevents and eases inflammation, contains a balanced composition of essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Anti-ageing.
  • Rosehip – Antioxidant, rich in trans-retinoic acid, a natural form of Vitamin A, as well as essential fatty acids to repair the skin. Skin renewing, promotes healing of damaged skin tissue, helps to heal sunburns and scars.
  • Argan oil – Contains natural fatty acids, such as linolenic acid, which help the body heal inflammation by producing prostaglandins. Nurtures sensitive and wrinkled skin.
  • Rose Otto essential oil – reduces redness, soothes, prevents wrinkles, strengthens capillary vessels. Aromatherapeutic effects: balances mood, increases overall well-being.
  • Neroli essential oil – improves skin elasticity, soothes sensitive and irritated skin, enhances appearance of scars. Aromatherapeutic effects: stress relieving, mood lifting.
  • Frankinsense essential oil – strengthens the skin, prevents wrinkles, relieves skin problems, relaxes facial muscles. Aromatherapeutic effect: mind relaxing, rooting.

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