Collection: Finnish Superberries

Organic berry juices and berry powders

Finnish Superberries makes berry juices and berry powders from organically farmed chokeberries. Chokeberry is a less known berry, yet its excellent nutritional values make it a real superfood. In fact, the dark chokeberry contains more antioxidants than any other berry or fruit. Finnish Superberries has turned these antioxidant bombs into tasty juice which tickle the taste buds of the whole family. The easy-to-use chokeberry powder adds extra vitamins and antioxidants to your daily meals. Treat your body with pure berry energy from Finnish Superberries!

Berry products from ecologically grown chokeberry

The berries used in the Finnish Superberries products come from the Sandås family farm in Nykarleby, a town located in the Ostrobothnia region in Finland. The history of the farm goes back until the 18th century when various grains began to be cultivated there. About 20 years ago the family decided to switch from grains to berries and to adopt the methods of organic farming.

Today Finnish Superberries focuses on growing chokeberry and producing juices and berry powders. The berries are pressed into juice immediately after picking them or dried in low temperatures for the berry powders. The pressing and drying are performed with gentle methods in order to preserve the important nutrients in the skins and the seeds of the berries. This results in highly nutritious berry products which give you your daily dose of vitamins and antioxidants.

Berries grown in the Arctic nature are the most nutritious in the world

Berries grown in Finland are exceptionally nutritious and tasty. The short yet light summer provides excellent conditions for an intense growing season for the berries whereas the long winters provide the plants plenty of time to gather up strength for the new growing season. The berries also enjoy water and air which are among the cleanest in the world. These unique growing conditions result in berries rich in nutrients and flavor.