Lunera Throat Tablets

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In addition to zinc, Lunera lozenge includes Vitamin D, Echinacea and Vitamin C, which all combat the symptoms of the common cold. Zinc and vitamin D also prevent the flu virus from multiplying.

Lunera is the best supportive treatment for the common cold

As soon as you notice the symptoms, suck one lozenge every 3–4 hours for a period of 5–6 days. Alternatively, you can suck 2 lozenges 3 times a day.

For maintaining you immune system continuously

Swallow one tablet/lozenge every morning and evening. The dose for maintaining your immune system also includes your daily vitamin D.


Additional info

Sodium L-ascorbate, sweeteners (mannitol, xylitol, sucralose), L-ascorbic acid, zinc gluconate, aromas (orange, anis, eucalyptus oil, menthol powder), anti-caking agents (magnesium salts of fatty acids, silica), sunscreen extract, microcrystalline cellulose, cholecalciferol (D3 -vitamin)

Composition / tablet (2-5 tablets)
Zinc (mg), 30-75 (300-750 %*)
Echinacea (mg), 40-100
Vitamin C (mg), 1000-2500 (1250-3125 %*)
Vitamin D (microg), 20-50 (400-1000 %*)
* = %- from recommended daily intake

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