Collection: Taiga Cosmetics

Skincare with Arctic ingredients

Taiga Cosmetics brings the power of unique Arctic ingredients on your skin! Taiga Cosmetics is a Finnish natural cosmetics brand which is based on the effective ingredients offered by the untouched nature of Lapland. The antioxidant and vitamin-rich Arctic berries and plants will bring out the natural glow of your skin. The dark elegance of these unisex products reflects the dark Arctic nights. Try yourself and feel the magic of Lapland on your skin!

Arctic plants provide unique benefits in skincare

Taiga Cosmetics is a natural cosmetics brand inspired by the rugged and beautiful nature of Lapland. The products of Taiga Cosmetics are based on the berries and plants that grow extremely nutrient-rich in Lapland.

Some of the precious ingredients used in the products include:

  • bilberry
  • lingonberry
  • sea-buckthorn
  • chaga
  • extracts from pine, birch and spruce

The effectiveness of these ingredients are based on the unique Arctic climate which means long and dark winters and short yet extremely light summers, during which the plants grow intensely. The plants absorb all the nutrients they can get during the season of the Midnight Sun in order to survive the harsh winter. This makes the plants grow extremely rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which make them unmatched ingredients in skincare.

Unisex skincare products for every need

Taiga Cosmetics offers products for:

  • All skin types
  • Sensitive skin
  • Aging skin

The products can be mixed and matched according to your own preferences and the current needs of your skin. The products are unisex and they have a neutral scent. Men have especially been smitten with the Chaga night cream and toner which soothe the skin nicely after shaving.

The Taiga Cosmetics products are vegan. They have also been Cosmos certified which ensures that the products have been made in a sustainable way.