Collection: Supermood

Skincare with a fresh take on beauty and wellness

Supermood is a holistic beauty brand created by the Finnish supermodel Anne Kukkohovi. Supermood was founded on the idea that physical and emotional well-being go hand in hand and are directly reflected in the way we look on the outside. That is why the Supermood selection includes products for internal and external beauty. The Supermood cosmetics are divided into three product lines: Supermood Egoboost, Supermood Youth Glo and Supermood Beauty Sleep. Get to know these lovely products and choose what suits your needs the best!

Beauty brand for the modern consumer

Supermood is a Finnish natural cosmetics brand which offers products for inner and outer beauty. Supermood was founded by the supermodel Anne Kukkohovi. Anne has extensive experience in the beauty industry and a clear vision of the needs of the modern consumer. According to Anne, instead of focusing on a few skincare products, we need to think of beauty as a holistic process that takes into account the body as well as the mind. That is why Supermood offers products that take care of your beauty needs externally and internally.

The tree product lines correspond to every beauty need

Supermood offers three product lines: Supermood Egoboost, Supermood Youth Glo and Supermood Beauty Sleep. Instead of thinking in terms of skin types, Supermood focuses on moods or in other words, the needs of the skin. Because beauty comes from within, each of the product lines has been developed to correspond to a specific emotional state. The moods offer a 360° solution to beauty: the products of each mode support each other and balance the physical and emotional wellbeing.

Egoboost – boosts your skin when you need it the most

The Egoboost products are powerful and effective. They contain handpicked chaga which grows on the sides of birches in Finland and contains a high amount of antioxidants. The Egoboost products give your skin a quick boost.

Beauty Sleep – a rested and fresh look

When you sleep better you look better, right? Skin cell damage is repaired most effectively during the night. That’s why the Beauty Sleep products help to nourish and revive your skin while you sleep.

Youth Glo – radiant and youthful skin

The Youth Glo product line is designed to make your skin look youthful all day long. The products are full of natural ingredients that reduce the signs of aging. The products peel the skin lightly which helps to give a radiant glow to the skin.