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Rohtos Labs – supplements from the North

Rohtos Labs is a Nordic nutrition solutions developer which is known for its unique and innovative products. Rohtos Labs develops and manufactures all their products by themselves from personally and carefully selected ingredients. Rohtos Labs utilizes all types of micronutrients such as proteins, amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals in varying biochemical forms. All the products are designed to support a specific goal or a function of the body. For example, Rohtos Labs Peace developed in cooperation with the authors of the acclaimed Biohacker’s Handbook helps the body to maintain its normal biochemical state under stress and anxiety. Try Rohtos Labs and feel the difference!

Rohtos Labs – products with a purpose

All Rohtos Labs supplements are manufactured in Finland. The philosophy behind Rohtos Labs is focusing on the prevention of health problems and optimizing physical and mental performance. The Rohtos Labs products aim to maintain an optimal level of micronutrients in the body. While only a small number of micronutrients are essential for a human being, science has proven that the consumption of certain micronutrients can influence body and brain functions. The right combination and intake of micronutrients can support stress management, for example. Rohtos Labs focuses on creating products which help to improve people’s lives with concrete results.

The effectiveness of the Rohtos Labs formulas is based on using high-quality ingredients which support each other. The products consist of 100 % active ingredients and they don’t contain any additives, fillers or preservatives. The capsules and pills are packed in vegan shells made from cellulose. Unlike many other actors in the field, Rohtos Labs oversees the whole manufacturing process from the designing, developing and testing the products as well as sourcing the ingredients.

Rohtos Labs manufacture, pack and ship all products in-house to ensure premium quality through the whole process.

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