Collection: Pielisen Kala

Fish preservatives from Finnish fish

The selection of Pielisen kala includes fish preservatives made from rainbow trout, vendace, perch, herring, bream and roach. Try and choose your favorite!

For the love of fishing and Finnish wild fish

Pielisen kala has been making popular fish preservatives from Finnish fish for nearly 30 years. The family company was founded in 1994 in Nurmes, located in the Northern Karelia in Finland. The founder Markus Tolvanen decided to change his long-time hobby and passion into his profession. Today the company employs 20 people and produces 30 000 cans of preserved fish per day.

You can find preservatives from salmon, vendace, roach, herring, bream and perch in the selection of Pielisen kala. The preservatives are a good alternative to tuna preservatives: they are made from ecological and natural fish caught sustainably from the pure Finnish waters. The preservatives of Pielisen kala don’t contain any additives and they are perfect for everyday cooking or as a healthy and protein-rich snack.

The products of Pielisen kala are safe and ecological

The majority of the fish used in the Pielisen kala products are caught from the inland waters of Finland. The perch and roach are also bought from fishermen on the coast. The fish are always gutted as fresh as possible and prepared by competent professionals. The unique flavor of the smoked fish is due to their self-designed smoker run with authentic alder smoke.

According to research, Finnish natural fish contains very little environmental toxins. Especially Finnish whitefish, vendace and roach are safe to enjoy. The products of Pielisen kala are a safe way to enjoy delicious fish and its many health benefits.