Collection: Narskuttelu

Xylitol pastilles, chewing gums and toothpaste

Narskuttelu is a Nordic brand which develops and manufactures dental hygiene products based on xylitol. The selection of Narskuttelu includes chewing gums, xylitol pastilles and toothpastes, all in refreshing and exciting flavours. How would smoke and tar xylitol pastilles or spruce sprout chewing gum sound? Or you can choose the sweeter and easier flavours such as strawberry and bilberry. Whichever way you prefer, Narskuttelu products will make your smile fresh and beautiful!

Nordic xylitol products since 2017

Narskuttelu Ltd is a family business which was founded in 2017. The company manufactures xylitol products in Kitee, Eastern Finland. The business started from the family’s own garage but they quickly managed to move the production to their own factory. Today the company is doing business in Finland and abroad. The production of xylitol pastilles started in 2017 and the production of xylitol toothpaste started a year later. The production of the xylitol chewing gum started in 2019. The company’s name “Narskuttelu” is Finnish and means to grind teeth.

What is xylitol?

Xylitol is nature’s own sweetener, which tastes like normal sugar but has much lower glycemic index. Xylitol can be found in small quantities from berries and fruits but probably the most well known source of xylitol is the birch tree. That is why xylitol also goes by the name birch sugar.

Xylitol protects teeth from cavities and is a healthier alternative to normal sugar. Xylitol is also a good aid for people who suffer from dry mouth since it accelerates the production of saliva.

The recommended daily intake of xylitol is 5 grams which corresponds to six pieces of chewing gum or eight xylitol pastilles. The more xylitol a product has the better protection it gives so it is recommended to use full xylitol products. The best protection can be achieved with regular usage over a long period of time. However, the usage of xylitol products does not replace the brushing of teeth. Excessive consumption of xylitol can also have laxative effects.

Note that xylitol should not be given to animals, especially to dogs as it is toxic for them. All ingredients are plant based and non-GMO (genetically modified organism), as well as halal and kosher quality.