Collection: Laponie of Scandinavia

Effortless skincare for sensitive and problematic skin

Laponie of Scandinavia is a Finnish natural cosmetics brand which offers skincare solutions especially for sensitive and problematic skin. The key idea of the products is simplicity: the products contain only a few ingredients of impeccable quality. This minimizes the risk of skin irritation and also makes it easy to combine the products based on the current needs of the skin. The products of Laponie of Scandinavia are made in Finland. Get to know the selection!

Skincare products that contain only the essential

Laponie of Scandinavia offers effortless skincare for sensitive skin and skin prone to problems, such as acne or rosacea. If you are looking for simple yet effective products for your daily skincare routine, Laponie of Scandinavia is an excellent choice.

The selection of Laponie of Scandinavia includes products which contain a minimal amount of ingredients. All the products treat sensitive and problematic skin with a gentle yet effective touch.

  • As the first step, choose the core products for your daily skincare routine: the cleanser and the moisturizer.
  • Next, add plus products, such as serums and masks, to your skincare routine to target specific skin problems.

Take your first steps with Laponie of Scandinavia by trying for example the softening milk cleanser and moisturizing face cream. Then add a soothing face serum and a balancing toner.

Natural cosmetics from Finland

The products of Laponie of Scandinavia are developed in their own laboratory in Otaniemi, Espoo. All the products are made with vegan ingredients and without added scents. The founder and CEO of Laponie, Kristina Pentti, and the cosmetics chemist Jaana Ailus, always test the products on their own skin to ensure that they are gentle and effective enough for a sensitive skin. Due to their own independent laboratory, Laponie controls the process of product development from the beginning to the end. The products are also made in Finland.

Laponie of Scandinavia is a member of The Finnish Cosmetic and Hygiene Industry (Kosmetiikka- ja hygieniateollisuus ry) and Pro Natural and Organic Cosmetics (Pro Luonnonkosmetiikka ry).

“We create products which I would have myself needed”

The founder Kristina herself suffered from various skin problems for a long time. She describes her journey a skincare guru as follows:

‘I suffered from various skin problems for a long time which also brought different symptoms depending on the day. It was extremely difficult to find products that provided long term solutions for my skin. I finally grew tired of the endless search and read everything I could on skincare and cosmetics chemistry. After that I started to make and use my own simple products. Little by little my skin improved and healed.’ – Kristina

Today Kristina develops and makes products together with the chemist Jaana which she would have herself needed but were not previously available.

Try Laponie of Scandinavia and see the difference!