Collection: Ketokamu

Organic and all-natural keto treats

Ketokamu’s ketogenic treats combine Finnish berries, nuts and raw chocolate. The treats are made with natural and organic ingredients only, following the principles of sustainable development. The products are sweetened with practically calorie-free erythritol which keeps the carb content of these goodies to a minimum. You can find a ketogenic nut-chocolate spread as well as chocolate-covered berries and nuts from Ketokamu’s selection. Treat yourself with healthier sweets and order today!

Ketokamu’s mission is to modernize the prepared food market

Ketokamu is a Finnish food brand with the aim of giving real taste experiences and wellbeing with the best ingredients. Ketokamu is known for making healthier and tastier prepared foods and one of their goals is to bring more authenticity and honesty to the prepared food business.

The founder of Ketokamu Olli Kolehmainen noticed while being on a low-carb diet that the market was lacking low-carb prepared food which was also made of high-quality ingredients and free from preservatives. Kolehmainen wanted to bring effortless, delicious and nutritious prepared foods and snacks to market to answer this need. This is how Ketokamu was born. Ketokamu’s goal is to make everyday dining simple, healthy and tasty.

Today Kolehmainen has received backups for Ketokamu from many well-known health experts and influencers in Finland, such as the Biohackers. Ketokamu also cooperates with one of Finland’s leading superfood brands Foodin which supplies many of the ingredients for the products. Foodin also manufactures the Ketokamu sweets.

Vegan, gluten-free and ketogenic sweets

You won’t find any synthetic additives in Ketokamu’s products, only real ingredients and flavors from nature. The carb, protein and fat content of the products have been calculated so that they are suitable if you’re on a ketogenic diet. The products are of course recommended for anyone to enjoy since they are nutritious, healthy and most of all, tasty.

The Ketokamu products are:

  • 100 % vegan
  • gluten-free
  • lactose-free and dairy-free
  • soy-free
  • sugar-free
The Ketokamu treats are based on pure and nutritious berries from Finland, nuts and raw chocolate. The chocolate hasn’t been heated over 42 ℃ during the manufacturing process so that all the valuable nutrients of the chocolate are preserved. In addition, the products are sweetened with erythritol, the natural substitute for sugar, which has nearly zero calories.