Collection: Kaavi Porcini

Dried forest mushrooms from Finnish forests

Kaavi Porcini brings the delicious flavors of Finnish forests to everyone’s reach. The selection of Kaavi Porcini includes dried chanterelles, funnel chanterelles, black trumpets and porcini. Dried mushrooms are an excellent addition to risottos, pastas and pies. Enjoy delicious and nutritious wild foods with Kaavi Porcini!

Enjoy delicious mushroom dishes all year round

Finnish forests are a treasure chest and mushrooms are among the best that the forests have to offer. Even though many people enjoy mushrooms on their plate, only a small part of edible mushrooms are picked from the forests.

Kaavi Porcini aims to bring the best forest mushrooms for everyone’s reach around the year. The man behind Kaavi Porcini is Martti Nyberg, previously known as the head economist in the bank of Nordea, who got interested in the potential of forest mushrooms a few years ago. Nyberg was convinced of the nutritional benefits of forest mushrooms: they contain plenty of vitamins, minerals and fiber but only a little fat and carbohydrates. Mushrooms are also environmentally friendly food and an excellent source of protein.

The mushrooms of Kaavi Porcini are handpicked in Eastern Finland, from the forests of North Savonia and North Karelia known to be excellent areas for mushrooms. The mushrooms are dried in Kaavi Porcini’s own factory on the same day when they are picked in order to preserve the flavors of the mushrooms as well as possible. After drying the mushrooms they are packed in airtight jars in which they will preserve well for a longer period of time.

Chanterelles, porcini, funnel chanterelles and black trumpets – pick your favorite!

The selection of Kaavi Porcini includes the most popular edible forest mushrooms found in the Finnish forests: chanterelles, porcini, funnel chanterelles and black trumpets. All of them are excellent in soups, sauces, risottos, pies or as a pizza topping.

  • The golden yellow chanterelle is a favorite mushroom for many. The versatile mushroom can be enjoyed almost in any way, but it excels when paired with meats, especially pork. Chanterelle contains plenty of protein, vitamins A and D and selenium.
  • Porcini is a fine and delicious mushroom appreciated internationally. Porcini is also the most nutritious of the forest mushrooms and contains plenty of protein and vitamins B and C. The mild and slightly nutty flavor of porcini is particularly well suited for risottos.
  • Funnel chanterelle resembles the yellow chanterelle in many ways and is almost as popular as an edible mushroom. Funnel chanterelle is excellent in soups and pies.
  • Black trumpet is an aromatic mushroom and its flavor even intensifies when dried. Black trumpet is a good addition to soups, stews and even desserts. Dried and ground black trumpet can also be used as a spice.

Pick your favorite and experience the delicious flavors of the forest!