Collection: Järki Särki

Finnish fish preservatives at their best!

Järki Särki makes preserved fish delicacies from wild roach caught from the pure Finnish waters. A sustainable alternative to tuna!

Delicious and sustainable fish from Finland

Järki Särki has quickly gained popularity with their innovative, delicious and versatile fish preservatives made from roach. Roach is one of the most common species of fish in Finland but it has traditionally been underused as food fish. Roach contains a lot of small fish bones which is why it is quite laborious and time-consuming to prepare.

However, the Järki Särki roach products have been pre-cooked so that they can be used as such without any hassle! The cooking method softens the bones so that you won’t even notice them. The fish bones are an excellent source of collagen and minerals so they will make this delicacy even more nutritious and healthy. In addition, the Järki Särki products are full of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D.

The Järki Särki products are incredibly versatile to use

The Järki Särki products are seasoned with simple organic ingredients which compliment the delicious taste of roach. Järki Särki can be used like tuna – though it is a much more interesting option! Here’s a few ideas on how to enjoy Järki Särki:

  • in pasta, pizza, salad or soup
  • in a Nordic-style sushi sushi
  • as a Nordic-style tapas on top of rye bread
  • as a snack on hikes
  • or enjoy as such!

Try Järki Särki and find your favorite way to enjoy roach!

The sustainability of Finnish roach

Finnish roach is in many ways a sustainable way to enjoy fish. There are a lot of roaches in the Finnish waters which is why they can be utilized even more than they already are. Roaches take living space from other fish species such as European perch, whitefish and vendace. Therefore the fishing of roaches balances the fish stock and improves the biodiversity of our waters.

Fishing roaches is a cost-efficient way to improve the state of our waters as it helps to recycle phosphorus causing the eutrophication of our waters.