Collection: Aiva

Aiva nourishes your skin inside out

Aiva is a holistic beauty brand from Finland. Aiva offers minimalist natural skincare products and berry powders which nourish the skin from the inside. Aiva believes in the power of simplicity; instead of using tons of different products every day, it is better to invest in a couple of high-quality key products which support the natural functions of the skin. The selection of Aiva includes a COSMOS certified oil cleanser and face cream which are all you need for your daily skincare routines.

Minimalist skincare products support the skin’s own natural functions

Aiva is a brand new Finnish natural cosmetics brand which focuses on the holistic wellbeing of your skin. The selection of Aiva includes not just high-quality natural cosmetics but also pure berry powders made from 100 % Finnish berries which nourish your skin from within.

Simplicity is at the core of Aiva’s skincare philosophy. Instead of quantity, it is better to invest in quality when it comes to skincare products. A minimalist skincare routine with only a few key products also gives the skin the possibility to balance its own functions naturally. The skin is capable of moisturizing and nourishing itself as long as it has room to do so. The purpose of skincare and skincare products is to support the skin’s own natural functions. There is also no need to try to hide the signs of aging or other so-called imperfections – it is perfectly ok that your own unique life experiences are visible on your skin! Your experiences have made you the unique and wonderful person that you are.

The Aiva berry powders support the wellbeing of your skin

Aiva’s selection also includes the ‘Supergoods’, or in other words, berry powders, which complete the brand’s idea of the holistic wellbeing of the skin. The berry powders nourish your skin from within with their vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibers.

The Aiva Supergoods are made from organic and hand-picked Finnish berries. They don’t contain any preservatives, added sugars or anything extra, only 100 % pure berries. The selection includes three different berry powder mixes:

  • The Red: contains 50 % cranberries and 50 % lingonberries
  • The Blue: contains 100 % bilberries
  • The Yellow: contains 70 % cloudberry ja 30 % sea-buckthorn

Mix berry powders in smoothies, yogurt or porridge or use them in cooking or baking. Find the most suitable uses for yourself and take the Aiva Supergoods as part of your daily diet!