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From wild caught fish. With vitamin-C & D for better bioavailability. Boosted with C8 MCT-powder.

Wild caught North Atlantic fish

Everybody talks about collagen these days as the elixir of youth. So do we. But not just about any collagen. More specifically we talk about marine collagen (type 1) from wild caught North Atlantic fish. That way you can be sure you won't consume any antibiotics or heavy metals that you're probably trying to avoid.

Natural vitamin C & D

We also talk about vitamin C. Because the body needs vitamin-C to form collagen. More specifically we've added natural vitamin C from the Acerola berry to increase the bioavailability of the collagen. And we've added the daily recommended dose of vitamin D3 from algae because most of us get too little sunshine.

Boosted with C8 MCT-powder

And of course we got MCT-oil powder in here to boost energy and stabilize the blood sugar. Fuel your workouts with MCT and let the collagen build you up.

  • Gluten free
  • Dairy free
  • Keto friendly
  • 3rd party lab tested

How to use

Add 1-2 spoons to your coffee, shakes or smoothies. Perfect as pre workout fuel or use for recovery and muscle growth after workout.

One serving gives 9 g of collagen and 4 g of MCT.

Additional info

Hydrolyzed collagen from wild caught north atlantic fish (type 1), MCT powder (C8 MCT-oil from coconut, acacia fiber) vitamin C from acerola, vitamin D from algae.

Nutritions facts / serving 15 g / 100 g
Energy, 74 / 493 calories
Fat, 4 / 26,3 g
- of which saturated fat, 3,4 / 22,8 g
Carbohydrate, 0,2 / 1,4 g
- of which sugars, 0 / 0,2
Fiber, 1,2 / 8,1 g
Protein, 8,8 / 58,5 g
Salt, 0 / 0,2 g
Vitamin C, 50 (62 %*) / 333 mg
Vitamin D, 5 (100 %*) / 33 mikrog
* = Reference intake

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