KETO Electrolytes Powder

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KETO electrolyte powder contains the most important electrolytes

– sodium, potassium, chloride and magnesium – in just the right proportion to maintain and restore fluid balance.

The powder contains no sugar, no flavouring agents, sweeteners or colouring agents, so it can be mixed with any liquid.

About 60% of the adult body is water

Fluid balance remains stable when fluid secretion and intake from beverages and food are in balance. For adults, drinking water and other beverages is recommended at 1–1,5 liters a day, but exercise and sweating increase the need for fluid. Fluid balance affects the body’s functioning in many ways, including temperature regulation, blood circulation, digestion, and nutrient absorption and transport. Electrolytes, i.e. salts, are also required to control fluid balance – the most important electrolytes include sodium, potassium, chloride and magnesium.

If the body’s fluid balance is disturbed, it results in dehydration

Drinking too little is an obvious cause of dehydration, but also many other factors may affect the development of dehydration: For example, switching to a ketogenic diet will deplete the carbohydrate stores and result in loss of fluid and electrolytes. The need for water and electrolytes is also increased by sweating, as lots of fluids and electrolytes are lost in sweat. When exercising, in the summer and after sauna, it is worth paying particular attention to sufficient hydration and electrolyte intake. An electrolyte-containing beverage is an effective way to ensure sufficient fluid intake, as electrolytes improve fluid absorption.


KETO Electrolytes Powder is suitable for maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance during diet changes or when sweating, for example, during sports activities, after sauna or in the summer heat.

2 measuring spoons (1,9 g) mixed with liquid 1-4 times daily.

Additional info

Sodium citrate, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, magnesium citrate.

One dose (2 measuring spoons) contains:
Sodium, 344 mg
Potassium, 194 mg
Chloride, 407 mg
Magnesium, 50 mg

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