Järki Särki Organic Tomatoes and Herbs

Järki Särki Organic Tomatoes and Herbs

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Särki marinated in organic tomato puree, seasoned with organic onions, peppers, and herbs. Use as a quick sauce for pasta, make risotto or lasagne.

Särki (Rutilus rutilus) - a native Nordic delicacy

Each jar of Järki Särki contains wild fish sustainably caught in the winter waters of Finland's lakes and Baltic Sea, organic seasonings, and aromatic spices - nothing else. We pack our särki in glass jars to better preserve its taste and the environment.

Järki Särki and health The old Finnish proverb –“Eating Särki makes you wiser!” – is not just a saying.

Fish are a unique source of protein, omega-3 oils, and vitamin D. Small fish have many small bones that can be extremely difficult to remove, but cooked under high pressure, the bones of our Särki soften to become completely edible – an excellent source of otherwise wasted calcium.

Official dietary recommendations state that we should eat a minimum of two fish meals per week from a wide variety of fish. We are happy to provide you with one more choice: Järki Särki.

Additional info

Särki fish, organic rapeseed oil, organic tomato paste, organic red onion, salt 1,8 %, organic sugar, laurel leaf, thyme, pepper.

Nutritional information / 100 g
Energy (kcal), 203
Energy (kJ), 850
Fatty acids (g), 15,1
- saturated (g), 1
Carbohydrate (g), 2,8
- sugars (g), 2,1
Protein (g), 14,2
Salt (g), 1,5

Country of origin

Järki Särki Oy

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