Arctic Pure Spruce Sprout Powder

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  • Manufacturing country: Finland

Fresh forest flavor for sweet & salty cooking! The Arctic Pure spruce sprout powder is made of Finnish spruce sprouts hand-picked in Lapland.

Arctic Pure Spruce Sprout Powder

  • Free from additives
  • Made from Finnish spruce sprout in Finland
  • Economy-pack of 100 g

Spruce sprouts are a trendy vitamin bomb

Spruce sprouts have become popular among the health-conscious over the past few years. Spruce sprouts have been used as a natural medicine for thousands of years.

Spruce sprouts contain plenty of vitamin C, flavonoids, potassium, carotenoids and magnesium.

The Arctic Pure cranberry powder is made by drying the hand-picked spruce sprouts at a low temperature and grinding them. This procedure preserves the natural color, flavor and nutrients of the spruce sprouts.

How to use spruce sprout powder

Spruce sprout powder is excellent for sweet and salty cooking. You can add spruce sprout powder for example to yogurt, porridge or smoothie. The slightly lemony flavor of spruce sprout powder is an excellent addition to salads, fish dishes, chicken dishes as well as pastries such as cheesecakes.

Spruce sprout powder is also excellent for decorating desserts, pastries, sweets and drinks. Try also in stews!

Spruce sprouts are not recommended for people who have asthma as they may cause allergic reactions.

Additional info

Finnish spruce sprout

Nutritional content 100 g
Energy (kcal), 402
Energy (kJ), 1683
Protein (g), 12
Carbohydrate (g), 78
Fat (g), 4

Country of origin

Shelf life unopened
At room temperature

Shelf life opened
At room temperature

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