A.Vogel - herbal remedies from organic ingredients

A. Vogel makes scientifically researched herbal remedies from pure organic ingredients

Swiss Alfred Vogel (1902-1996) was a healer, expert of herbal remedies and a forerunner in the natural product industry. He traveled around the world to collect information about plants which he called “the oldest benefactors of mankind”. In 1963 he established Bioforce AG which still manufactures products according to his principles. Vogel’s health philosophy is based on the principle of prevention. The idea is that it is easier to prevent health problems than to cure them.

Good health depends on the balance between many things - a healthy diet, regular exercise, mental wellbeing, vitality and nature’s own remedies. This principle is still visible in A.Vogel’s products which are manufactured with as natural methods as possible. A.Vogel’s operations are based on respecting natural resources and sustainable development. The cornerstones of production are cultivating certified organic ingredients in healthy soil as well as preparing plant extracts from freshly collected plants whenever it is possible. The products are made in Switzerland in the company’s own modern medical factory in which strict quality control and scientific research play a key role.

Fresh echinacea protects against flu viruses and supports the immune system

Scientific research has confirmed that echinacea (Echinacea purpurea) strengthens immunity and helps the body to defend itself against pathogens. When used regularly, echinacea prevents the viruses from latching onto our mucous membrane cells and thus becoming ill with the flu. The effectiveness of echinacea is also significant in preventing sequelae so it is a far more versatile aid for flu than for example zinc.

There are many kinds of flu viruses out there so it is difficult to avoid exposure to them. Therefore it is important to support the immune system. There are not many products available for the prevention of flu but echinacea extract made from fresh plants has been found to be an effective aid against flu. Echinaforce is exactly such a product, and it is extracted from fresh echinacea.

Echinaforce prevents flu by improving the body’s own immune system. People who use Echinaforce regularly have flus more rarely. If you still catch the flu, Echinaforce helps to reduce the flu symptoms and shortens the duration of the flu. The need for painkillers will also be decreased. Echinaforce works particularly well when the immune system has decreased due to stress, for example.

Echinaforce is one of the most extensively researched plant remedies. It goes through a strict quality control process which contains over 200 phases before it ends up in stores available for consumers.

A.Vogel also makes Echinacea Chewable tablets, Echinacea-Sage Sore Throat Spray and Echinacea & Elderberry Hot Drink from echinacea.

Echinacea chewable tablets are suitable for supporting the immune system of the whole family since it is also suitable for children over the age of four. The orange-flavored teeth-friendly chewable tablet is easy to use for example during trips. According to new research, the product reduces children’s respiratory symptoms and thus also the need to use antibiotics.

The Echinacea-Sage Sore Throat Spray has a triple effect: echinacea supports the immune system, sage soothes the throat and the peppermint refreshes the mouth. The small spray is easy to use and carry with you!

The berry-flavored Echinacea & Elderberry Hot Drink has a double effect: in addition to echinacea, it contains elderberry which is rich in antioxidants. The drink was developed in cooperation with the Swiss national team of alpine skiing to support the athletes’ immune system during race season. A cup of hot Echinacea & Elderberry drink after a workout in outdoors warms you up nicely and helps you to stay healthy!

Menoforce Strong is a natural, effective and scientifically researched aid to menopause symptoms

Menopause is a natural part of a woman’s life but for many, the symptoms tend to affect the mood and to decrease the quality of life. It is often a relief to hear that there is a natural way to ease the uncomfortable symptoms.
Sage (Salvia officinalis) is traditionally used during menopause to ease hot flashes, mood swings and problems with sleep. A new double-blind clinical research confirms the effectiveness of sage. According to the research, Menoforce Strong reduces hot flashes and also eases other menopause symptoms.

With plant-based products, it is good to remember that the freshness of the ingredients play a significant role in the effectiveness of the product. This is also true for sage: fresh sage results in a more effective product than dried sage. The extraction process of the sage used in Menoforce Strong has started within 24 hours after collecting the plants so the extract contains the power of fresh sage.

Fluid Balance is a gentle yet effective aid for swelling

Sometimes you can feel uncomfortably bloated, rings don’t fit your fingers and socks feel tight after the day. Bloating is a common problem during the summer heat, traveling and menopause. For many women, bloating is also a common PMS symptom.

A.Vogel’s Fluid Balance, a product which promotes dehydration, can also ease bloating. Fluid Balance contains a unique combination of two fresh plants: goldenrod (Solidago virgaurea) and birch leaves (Betula pendula folium). Goldenrod promotes normal urination and birch leaf supports the excretory function of the kidneys. They are so-called aquaretic herbs which increase urination and help the flow of fluids in the kidneys without disturbing the potassium balance and removing electrolytes and minerals. This separates the aquaretic herbs from diuretics.

The gentle yet effective Fluid Balance is lactose-free, gluten-free and vegan and it does not contain alcohol or soy.

Crataegus takes care of the heart

Crataegus is known as a remedy for neurological and aging-related cardiac symptoms. It also eases stress-related palpitation. Crataegus is made from the berries of hawthorn.

Antitox is suitable for detoxing

Antitox are herbal extract tablets which are excellent for detoxing. The seed extracts of artichoke and milk thistle maintain the body’s detoxification functions. The leaf extract of the boldo tree enhances the function of the liver and gallbladder.

Strath is a well-absorbing nutrient bomb suitable for the whole family

The story of Strath began when the biochemist Walter Strathmeyer, an expert in natural medicine, and Fred Pestalozzi, a salesperson interested in herbal remedies, met. Strath had developed a product from yeast and carefully selected herbs for which he sought customers. Pestalozzi was thrilled about the product, tested it himself and was convinced of its effects. In 1961 he founded a company and began to manufacture the herbal yeast product with Strathmeyer’s recipe in Zurich which he named Bio-Strath. Nowadays the product is known as Strath.

Strath rose to fame at the end of the 1960s when many top athletes swore on its effects. The rest is history, and now Strath is sold in over 50 countries. It is still made in Switzerland from high-quality herbs according to the original recipe. The company has also stayed within the family: today it is run by Fred Pestalozzi’s son David.

The unique Strath is the forerunner of superfoods. It contains 61 important nutrients in a natural, well-absorbing form without artificial additives or preservatives. 3-4 weeks of use is usually enough to give required extra boost.
Strath is suitable for the whole family from children to the elderly, also for pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding. Vegans and coeliacs should choose the product in tablet form since the liquid Strath contains honey and barley malt. The latest members of the product family are Strath Vitality with magnesium, Strath Immun with zinc and Strath+D with vitamin D which enhances the function of the immune system. Try and find your favorite!

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