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Hankintatukku is a Finnish manufacturer of supplements known for their impeccable quality and superior ingredients. You can find supplements and natural products for the whole family from Hankintatukku’s selection.

The most popular classics from Hankintatukku

From Hankintatukku’s selection, you can find the Evonia supplements for hair growth and the wellbeing of hair, the Vivania Beauty products which keep the skin firm as well as the effective Vitamar omega fatty acids. Get to know these classics below!

Vivania® Beauty Shot Peach – Give your skin vitality and youthful glow

The popular Vivania® Beauty Shot is a liquid collagen shot which supports the moisture and elasticity of the skin and restores its firmness. The effective ingredients include the well-absorbing type 1 hydrolyzed Peptan® fish collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C which strengthen the structure of the skin and support its firmness and moisture balance.

Vivania® Beauty Shot gives your skin new vitality which makes the skin look younger, fresher and smoother.

Vivania Beauty Collagen – Collagen tablets for the youthfulness of your skin

Vivania® Beauty Collagen tablets smooth out wrinkles, increase the moisture and elasticity of the skin and help to maintain a healthy skin structure. They provide new vitality to the skin which makes it look younger, fresher and smoother. Vivania® Beauty Collagen also supports the structure of hair, nails, joints and muscles.

Vivania Beauty Collagen Powder – Pure collagen powder for the beauty of your skin

Vivania® Beauty Collagen Natural is a 100 % collagen powder which improves the beauty of the skin, increases the moisture and elasticity of the skin and helps to maintain a healthy skin structure. Enjoy 1–2 tablespoons per day by mixing it with a glass of water, juice, smoothie or yogurt. Vivania® Beauty Collagen powder is recommended to be used continuously for 1-3 months. It is suitable for continuous use.

Evonia *) – is healthy and shiny hair your goal?

Evonia hair growth

Hankintatukku has developed the Evonia® hair growth capsule together with the experts of the Finnish Hair Academy. The Evonia® capsules contain 15 carefully selected effective ingredients which provide vitality for hair and hair follicles. Evonia® contains the necessary building materials for strong hair and which help the hair cells maintain their vitality for a long time. Evonia® helps to maintain blood circulation and nourishment in the hair roots, hair growth and good structure.

Evonia® Super Silica – Do you want gorgeous and thick hair?

Evonia® Super Silica

Evonia® Super Silica silicic acid-collagen-biotin tablets strengthen the structure of the hair and decrease the breakage of hair for example while brushing. The product also strengthens the structure of the nails and smoothes and firms the skin. The effective ingredients include Collasil® OSA silicic acid and biotin which support the wellbeing of the hair and skin.

Evonia® Hair Booster – Aid for hair loss

Evonia® Hair Booster has been developed for male-type hair loss. The product activates hair growth and gives vitality for your hair. The effective ingredients include Beta-Sitosterol, choline, zinc and vitamins. The product is also suitable for women to prevent age-related hair thinning. The dosage is one tablet per day.

VItamar 1000 *) – Strong Omega-3 capsule for your health

VItamar 1000*

Vitamar 1000 is a very strong omega-3 capsule which contains EPA and DHA fatty acids particularly important for the heart, brain activity and sight. Each day when you don’t eat fish, it is recommended to take one Vitamar 1000 capsule. The product also contains natural vitamin E.

Get to know also the new arrivals from Hankintatukku

Cardiosan® – For the wellbeing of the heart

The Cardiosan® tablets contain magnesium and three B vitamins which enhance the metabolism of homocysteine for the wellbeing of the heart and blood vessels. The increased homocysteine level may cause the excessive oxygenation of LDL cholesterol and increases the aggregation of blood platelets. Men over 30 and women past their menopause are particularly exposed to this. By taking care of the sufficient intake of the folic acid, B6 and B12 vitamins, the homocysteine level can be decreased.

Magnesan – Do you suffer from muscle cramps?

Heavy physical strain, monotonous diet and excessive use of alcohol can expose you to magnesium deficiency which can manifest as for example muscle cramps. Magnesan is an effective supplement for calming the nervous system and muscles and important particularly for the heart. Magnesan contains magnesium in three different compounds which function in different parts of the gut. Due to this, magnesium is effectively absorbed and has a long-lasting impact in the body. The tablets also contain three different B vitamins which support the function of magnesium.

Vitatabs vitamin D drops *) – Internal sunshine from vitamin D as convenient drops

Vitatabs vitamin D drops

Especially during the winter months, everyone should consume a supplement which contains vitamin D. Vitatabs® D drops is a new and easy-to-use vitamin D supplement which is dosed by a pipette. One drop contains 5 μg (micrograms) of vitamin D3 in an emulsion form. Vitatabs® D drops absorb efficiently and the body can utilize it considerably better than other types of vitamin D supplements. The product is suitable for children over the age of 3. It is also a convenient product for adults. Take Vitatabs® D drops in daily use for the winter season and maintain a good immune system.

Vitatabs D 10 Junior – Good-tasting vitamin D for children

Take care of the health of your child. Vitatabs D 10 Junior is a chewable and strawberry-flavored D3 vitamin tablet for children. One tablet contains 10 micrograms of vitamin D3. It strengthens the immune system and the structure of bones and teeth. The tablets also contain xylitol which is a tooth-friendly sweetener and also prevents the formation of cavities in the teeth.

Vitatabs Multi Junior *) – The delicious multivitamin for children

The Vitatabs® Multi Junior contains eight carefully selected nutrients for children. You children will remember to ask this daily! This chewable strawberry-flavored and shaped treat is recommended for children over the age of 3.

*) the product is not manufactured by Hankintatukku

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