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KÄÄPÄ Mushrooms – popular mushroom extracts that support your health

KÄÄPÄ Biotech specializes in the research, development and commercialization of novel industry solutions with fungi. Within only a few years, the company has grown into one of the biggest producers of mushrooms used in supplements in Europe, and their products are sold in North America, Europe, Asia and Russia. KÄÄPÄ Biotech aims to lead by example and to steer the industry towards more responsible, sustainable, transparent and reliable ways of working.

The KÄÄPÄ Mushrooms selection includes chaga (Inonotus obliquus), reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) shiitake (Lentinula edodes), lion’s mane (Hericium erinaceus) and maitake (Grifola frondosa). KÄÄPÄ aims to bring more knowledge about the beneficial compounds of mushrooms and their effects in the support of health to the market.

Kääpä utilizes the latest technology in product development

KÄÄPÄ Biotech is one of the first companies in the mushroom industry which uses the UAE technology based ultrasound to the extraction of the mushrooms. The UAE technology is used to break chitin cell walls of the mushroom so that the active compounds are transformed into a bioavailable form. Without the extraction process many of the compounds that the mushrooms contain could not be utilized in the digestive tract and they would pass through the gut untouched.

“We have optimized our extraction methods in order to produce industry leading mushroom products. Our products are the result of years of research and development. Our products are potent and they contain a wide spectrum of various active compounds”, Eric Puro, the CEO of KÄÄPÄ Biotech explains.

KÄÄPÄ Mushrooms – wellbeing from mushrooms

  • BALANCE Chaga is one of the most potent mushrooms in the North. Chaga has long been used in folk medicine due to the high amounts of antioxidants it contains. It has been discovered to enhance the gut microbiota balance and to prevent oxidative DNA and RNA damage.
  • CALMNESS – the calming effects of reishi are widely known. Reishi has been used for hundreds of years in China to treat restlessness, insomnia and palpitations. Latest scientific research shows that reishi prolongs sleep and NREM sleep during which rapid eye movements don’t occur.
  • NO TO FLUShiitake is best known for its culinary purposes but it is also an excellent medicinal mushroom. It supports immunity and reduces inflammation and cholesterol values.
  • FOCUSLion’s mane is the best brain food. The active compounds it contains have been discovered to support the development of the nervous system in the brain due to its neurotrophic factors.
  • IMMUNITYMaitake is both a delicious culinary and effective functional mushroom. It is known as a mushroom with one of the highest amounts of glutathione. Glutathione is an important antioxidant. Maitake also contains beta glucan which supports immunity and the gut microbiota balance.

Take mushrooms as part of your daily routines

Eric Puro uses mushrooms actively in his own life and leaves no opportunity unused to tell about their amazing effects to those interested to hear.
“The morning is the most important moment of the day and it often defines the feeling for the rest of the day. Chaga is an excellent choice for the morning to soften the morning coffee. Lion’s mane is a good choice right before performing, an important meeting or other situation which requires concentration. During the colder months of the year, I use shiitake which is an adaptogenic mushroom and which has long traditions of use in Eastern medicine. Another great adaptogenic mushroom which is perfect to be used during the flu season is maitake. Hectic life sometimes requires extra aid for unwinding in the evenings. Then I mix reishi with a hot cacao of tea and enjoy the drinks a few hours before going to bed”, Eric Puro says.

“We have come far since the start of the company. The journey which began in the forests of Karjalohja has led us to incredible projects. Our startup has grown quickly into a growth company which employs 20 people and which has both a strong basis in research as well as solid business knowledge. We wish to improve human health as well as the wellbeing of the environment with our work”, Puro summarizes.

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