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A.Vogel – natural supplements and herbal remedies

A.Vogel is one of the most well-known and respected brands focusing on natural health. According to A.Vogel, good health is the result of a balanced lifestyle, psychological wellbeing, exercising, a healthy diet and natural remedies. The product range of A.Vogel is founded on this principle. A.Vogel offers an extensive selection of organically-produced natural supplements, herbal medicines and food products. A.Vogel offers many well-known and beloved products such as Echinaforce, Herbamare and Menoforce. Get to know the selection and discover nature’s best remedies!

Holistic wellbeing through a natural way of living

The company A.Vogel was founded in 1923 in Switzerland on Alfred Vogel’s principles of guiding people towards holistic self-treatment and health in a natural way. Alfred Vogel (1902-1996) was a Swiss herbalist, naturopath, world-traveller and writer. He dedicated his life to researching how plants could be used as medicines and developing effective natural remedies that could be used in healthcare. He developed eight principles to the way of living and healing: the principles form the philosophy that A.Vogel is founded on:

  1. Nature and the quality of life: living in harmony with nature.
  2. Health care: health is connected to our attitude towards life, our circumstances and our lifestyle.
  3. It’s up to you: the responsibility for our well-being lies in our own hands, not in the hands of health authorities.
  4. Balance as a principle of life: seek for the balance between tension and relaxation, activity and rest, intellectual and physical activity.
  5. Respect and sympathy: living according to the principles of nature requires an inner attitude of understanding and respecting creation.
  6. The urge to heal is a law of nature: it is never too late to start supporting nature in its urge to heal, because the law of nature calls for the preservation of life.
  7. The holistic principle: every substance contained in a plant has purpose and they complement each other. Seeds should be grown in healthy soil without using poisonous or environmentally unfriendly substances.
  8. The power of love: love is the guide to all our striving for it is the greatest power in the universe.

A.Vogel’s products are based on organically-produced and fresh plants

A.Vogel researches and develops new products based on Alfred Vogel’s ideas and the respect of nature. A.Vogel also continuously develops new ways of analyzing plants and the methods of production.

The medicinal plants originate from their own cultivation and the production process of the products is strictly controlled from the selection of seeds to the time of harvest. The plants are cultivated organically and sustainably in a healthy soil, without the use of fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides or fungicides.

The products are made from freshly harvested plants instead of dried plants. All constituents of the plants are utilized instead of just isolated substances to ensure the most effective medicinal extract.

All products are tested in clinical trials and registered with medicinal regulatory authorities. No ingredients or products are tested on animals.