A.Vogel Echinaforce drops

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Echinaforce® is a traditional herbal medicine for the prevention and support of cold symptoms.

The indication for a traditional herbal medicine are based solely on experience of long-term use. Echinaforce® cultivations are organic and the plants are extracted fresh. The extraction of the newly harvested herbs takes place within 24 hours.


Treatment of cold symptoms in adults and over 12 years 20-25 drops in water 3-5 times daily. Prevention of cold symptoms 20 drops in water 3 times daily.

Not for children under 12 years. If symptoms persist or side effects, consult your doctor. Read the package leaflet before use.

Store below 25°C. Keep out of the reach and sight of children. Opened packaging is kept for 4 months.

Generic block: A.Vogel – beloved remedies from nature

Generic block: A.Vogel – beloved remedies from nature
A.Vogel is a well-known and respected brand focusing on natural supplements and herbal remedies. The company was founded by Alfred Vogel in 1923 in Switzerland. Alfred Vogel (1902-1996) was a Swiss herbalist, naturopath and writer who dedicated his life to researching how plants could be used as medicines. Vogel believed that health is the result of a balanced lifestyle, psychological wellbeing, exercising, a healthy diet and natural remedies. This is the foundation for A.Vogel’s products as well. Today the selection of A.Vogel includes organically-produced natural supplements, herbal medicines and food products. Among the most well-known products are Echinaforce for reinforced immune system and Menoforce for menopausal symptoms.