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F-beauty – a celebration of natural beauty and self-respect

In a culture where we often strive to look younger and more beautiful to feel more accepted, sometimes it’s good to take a moment to appreciate what you already have. F-beauty, or Finnish beauty, refers to the Finnish beauty philosophy that celebrates the unique natural beauty that is found in each of us. The roots of F-beauty lie firmly on deep appreciation of nature, holistic wellbeing and a down-to-earth approach to beauty care.

It all starts from nature

Us Finns are a nature-loving folk with our lifestyle and mindscape deeply rooted in nature. Throughout the ages, we have sought physical and mental purification from the quiet shores of our thousands of lakes, shelter from our tranquil forests and food from our golden fields and green meadows.

Living close to nature has taught us that in nature everything has its own purpose, with each unique part forming a perfectly harmonious whole. This is also reflected in our beauty philosophy: everyone is beautiful just the way that they are and the purpose of beauty care is to highlight one’s own natural beauty and uniqueness, not to strive looking like someone else. As much of a cliche as it may sound, an essential idea of F-beauty is that beauty starts from within and is the result of the mind, body and spirit being in balance. Therefore F-beauty is as much about internal beauty as it is about the external – more than just a beauty trend, it is a way of life.

F-beauty relies on natural ingredients of the highest quality

The pure and pristine Finnish nature is a unique source of ingredients that have been used in beauty care for centuries. First of all, the water, soil and air in Finland are among the cleanest in the world. Second, the harsh Arctic climate which means short yet light summers and long and dark winters provide a unique habitat for our plants and berries, making them grow exceptionally dense in nutrition. In the summer the plants absorb as much sunlight, energy and nutrients as possible to survive the harsh winter, which makes them grow fiercely during the light summer months. Consequently, this makes the plants grow extremely rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to be able to survive the long winter. This is why Arctic plants are extremely beneficial whether consumed internally as foods or externally in cosmetics.

Ingredients that can be found in F-beauty products include the vitamin-rich berries such as bilberries and sea-buckthorn, the antioxidant-rich chaga mushroom, the moisturizing birch sap and the antiseptic spruce resin. Less is more when it comes to the amount of ingredients used in a single product. That doesn’t mean compromising on quality and effectiveness, vice versa: the less ingredients a product contains, the more high quality they should be. Each ingredient used in a product has a specific purpose and brings an essential benefit for the skin.

Sustainable beauty

Our clean nature provides plenty of precious ingredients which bring lots of benefits to people both internally and externally. Since our nature gives us a lot, we have the responsibility to treat it with respect. Respect of nature is essential for F-beauty brands also when it comes to acquiring ingredients, manufacturing processes, packaging materials and animal testing. Many brands are focusing on developing recyclable or biodegradable packaging materials, focus on minimizing their carbon footprint or strive to use green energy in their manufacturing.

Finnish beauty brands that embody the F-beauty philosophy

Finland is the mecca of natural cosmetics brands. Finns have a strong knowledge and long traditions in making natural cosmetics. Many F-beauty brands offer innovative products made with the latest technology which provide solutions also to problematic skin. Here’s a few of these amazing brands which represent the essence of F-beauty inside out.

Laponie of Scandinavia – simple yet effective solutions for problematic skin

Laponie of Scandinavia is a natural cosmetics brand designed specifically for sensitive or problematic skin. Laponie of Scandinavia is all about simplicity and quality: the products contain only a few carefully-selected and effective key ingredients. This makes it easy to combine different products based on the current needs of the skin. All the products treat sensitive and problematic skin with a gentle yet effective touch.

Laponie of Scandinavia products on a beige background

The founder of Laponie of Scandinavia, Kristina Pentti, has a lot of personal experience on dealing with various skin problems from acne to rosacea. Despite the years and years of testing different products and skin care methods she was still unable to find the ones that would bring long-term solutions for her skin problems. Therefore she decided to create these products by herself. After years of hard work, the first Laponie of Scandinavia products saw the light of day in 2018.

Kristina’s journey also shaped the whole philosophy behind Laponie: instead of trying to fit your skin under a specific fixed skin type, it is better to focus on the current needs of the skin – which varies according to the season, hormonal changes and life situation. So get into the habit of asking yourself what does my skin need today and why? After getting over her skin problems and especially the feeling of looking ugly, it became the mission for Kristina to help other people suffering from the same challenges. This mission put her on a lifelong journey for healthy skin and self-esteem.

Djusie – on a quest for juicy skin

Djusie is a brand new beauty brand created by Katja Kokko, one of the most renowned experts of natural cosmetics and holistic skincare in Finland. Djusie celebrates every person’s own unique natural beauty. The products are based only on natural ingredients, the key ingredients being reishi mushroom and flowering quince, which also goes by the name “Nordic Lemon”. The Djusie products focus on the essential: hydration, optimal pH balance and healthy skin barrier function. These result in a juicy skin which radiates vitality and freshness.

Djusie face serum

As with F-beauty in general, Djusie digs in deeper than mere skincare. Our inner wellbeing and self-esteem is reflected on the skin and skin problems are considered valuable signals from within. That is why Djusie guides you in holistic skincare which include self care rituals such as skin massage which boosts lymph circulation. Djusie also speaks for mental wellbeing, healthy self-esteem and empathy which is why they donate a part of the profits to mental health work.

Taiga Cosmetics – experience the magic of Lapland on your skin

Taiga Cosmetics is another interesting F-beauty brand which brings the power of Arctic plants on your skin. At the heart of Taiga Cosmetics is love for the untouched nature of Lapland: the snowy-white fells lit by the Nordic lights, the flowing crystal clear streams emerging from the melting snow and the vast wilderness bathing in the soft light of the Midnight Sun. From all this magic of the Arctic nature, the most nutrient-rich plants and berries emerge. Taiga Cosmetics has captured these precious ingredients in their products in order to bring their power on your skin.

A woman holding Taiga Cosmetics Vitamin C serum in her hands

The selection of Taiga Cosmetics includes three unisex product lines: the first one is designed for all skin types, the second for sensitive skin and the third for aging skin. The key ingredients used in the products include bilberry, lingonberry, sea-buckthorn, chaga, Arctic spruce and pine, oats, rose roots and hemp oil. The products are made with the latest technology and with respect to nature.

At Arctic Pure, you can find more F-beauty brands such as Flow Cosmetics, Hetkinen and INARI Arctic Beauty. Get to know their selection and find your favorites!

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