Collection: INARI Arctic Beauty

Luxury natural cosmetics from the wild Arctic nature

INARI Arctic Beauty is a luxury natural cosmetics brand with a vision to enhance every woman’s innate beauty with natural and pure ingredients. The power of the INARI products lies in the exceptionally effective ingredients that come from the pristine Arctic nature. The high antioxidant levels of the products help to keep the skin soft, smooth and glowing regardless of your age. INARI Arctic Beauty helps you feel good in your skin – try and feel the power of Arctic nature!

The story of INARI Arctic Beauty

The roots of INARI Arctic Beauty are in the Finnish Lapland, in an area called Inari – where the name of the brand originates. The founder of INARI Arctic Beauty, Sirkku Hahn, was born and raised in Lapland. As a child she learned the beneficial effects of the nutritious plants and berries that grew in the wild. She would go berry picking with her family and make healthy juices from them that helped them through winters and flu seasons.

Later on she moved to Germany and was working in the cosmetics industry. One time when visiting her childhood home in Lapland she had an idea: she would utilize the healthy and nutritious plants that she learned to respect as a child to create a unique natural cosmetics line. She reached Nina Stenberg who would become the co-founder of the brand to help her fulfill her vision. After a few years of careful product development the brand INARI Arctic Beauty was born – with the aim to help women all over the world to feel good in their skin with the help of the Arctic plants.

Organic ingredients from the Finnish Lapland

The harsh conditions of the wild Arctic nature produces some of the most effective ingredients in the world. The plants grow particularly nutritious up north. Short but light summer makes the plants grow fiercely, absorbing all the sunlight, energy and nutrients as possible to prepare themselves for the long and dark winter. This is why the plants and berries also grow extremely rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

The products of INARI are based on six of such plants: roseroot, chaga, pine bark extract, bilberry, lingonberry and cloudberry. INARI has named this mix as Arctic blend. The effectiveness of the products is based on the high antioxidant level of the Arctic blend which helps to reduce the signs of aging and protects the skin from free radicals. All the ingredients used in the products are organically grown.

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