Taiga Cosmetics product line on a sunny rock

Taiga Cosmetics delights with the active ingredients from Lapland

Taiga Cosmetics is a new Finnish natural cosmetics brand by us, Susanna and Harri Vaismaa. Entrepreneurship is in our blood as we both grew up in entrepreneurial families. In the 1990s the product line of our family company consisted mostly of health care products, such as cold gels. In 2004, we founded our own company, Frescon Oy. We expanded our product range into cosmetics; Tervaskanto was our first line of cosmetics where we utilized active ingredients from Lapland. Encouraged by the effectiveness of our traditional and authentic products, we decided to start the development of Taiga Cosmetics skincare line with a slightly different angle.

The ruggedly beautiful nature of Lapland is the source of our inspiration and ingredients

Taiga was born out of our love towards the Finnish Lapland and its rough but beautiful nature. The land of the fells is the inspiration behind our products and the home of our active ingredients. These factors contribute to our values, as we appreciate the clean and beautiful Finnish nature and for us, it is important to take its well-being into account. In our operations we want to cherish the precious nature of Lapland and therefore we take the environmental impacts very seriously in our company actions.

A woman holding a Taiga Cosmetics products on sunny fells in Lapland

Our product development is founded on utilizing the precious offerings of the nature of Lapland as active ingredients in our skincare products. The arctic winter and short yet intensive summer enables the trees and plants in Lapland to gather a huge amount of antioxidants. We wanted to utilize the benefits provided by these plants in skincare. Based on research, we can say that the amount of lignan in the trees of Lapland is remarkably higher than anywhere else. By measuring the amount of lignan it can even be defined whether the active ingredient is derived from a Lapland tree or from somewhere else in Finland.

Top quality guaranteed by the COSMOS certificate and experienced professionals

Taiga Cosmetics products are certified according to COSMOS standards. This means that an independent inspector, the french Cosmécert SASU, visits us yearly to check that our operations meet the COSMOS standard requirements made for natural cosmetics. Environmental plans are also part of the COSMOS standard, which means that we need to show how we further sustainability by our company actions. It was clear to us that we wanted our products and company to meet these requirements. It also concretely shows our customers that we respect our values and that we truly care about the safety of our products. The certificate guarantees that our products meet the criteria of natural cosmetics in terms of packaging, ethics and environmental friendliness.

We have many kinds of experts in our company, such as production workers, marketing experts, product quality managers, laboratory workers and experts in product development. In addition, we have a strong network of experts in the field, whose knowledge is important for the extent of our operations. This includes toxicologists, cosmetologists, experts in research and development and of bio and material technology.

The Taiga Cosmetics product line was launched in the spring of 2021

The corona pandemic slowed down our market entry. Our audit was originally scheduled for the spring 2020 but the inspection of the certifier was delayed by months. We also had issues with the availability of raw materials. In the beginning of the pandemic these were quite unexpected challenges. All in all, it took us three years to develop and launch our products but finally, in March 2021, our products saw the light of day in the Finnish market. In March 2022 we will celebrate the 1st anniversary of Taiga Cosmetics. Our story is just beginning.

The active ingredients from Lapland and our three product lines bring aid to any skin

Our biggest differentiating factor is the active ingredients from the Lapland nature that we use in our skincare products. According to the latest information, we are the only company in the market that offers chaga cream. In addition, we have exceptional customer service, as we strive to always serve our customers individually and with expertise. In addition, we have three different skincare lines that stand out. The skincare lines are designed for the three most common skin types: normal, sensitive skin and aging skin. This makes it easier for our customers to find the most suitable products for their skin type. Although, our anti-age skin line works wonderfully on people who have sensitive skin as well.

A man in a robe holding a Taiga Cosmetics face cream

We wanted to highlight our love for Lapland in our packages as well. We have received a lot of positive feedback for our product design. Most of our products suit men as well, and actually, many of our customers have laughed that their husbands have stolen their products. Our products have already entered the German and Japanese markets and today our products are also widely available through Arctic Pure. Especially in Japan, our products have stirred up admiration especially on their visual presentation as well as their effectiveness. At the moment, the distributor and importer negotiations are getting hot in Japan. Taiga Cosmetics was chosen as the most interesting brand at the natural cosmetics fair in Japan.

The products of Taiga Cosmetics have found their way into the hearts of our customers

Up to 50 % of our online store customers are returning customers. This signals that people are happy with our products as they will return to buy more. We are really happy that our products have met the expectations of our customers so well though the products have been on the market only for a year. Our high customer satisfaction shows that our products are just as good as we promise.

We wish the vitality of Lapland for you and your skin,


Susanna and Harri Vaismaa

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