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Moi Forest – forest dust restores the lost connection to nature and balances the microbiome

The healing power of the ancient forest is not just a myth. New research into the human microbiome has shown that for us to stay healthy, we need to have sufficient contact with the diverse microbes present in nature. Forest soil mulch, which is rich in humic acid, has been shown to contain microbial strains that promote health and support life. These microbes protect from allergies and auto-immune diseases by triggering a signaling process on the surface of the skin, which leads to the immune system reducing inflammation in the body. Especially in urban environments, daily contact with forest soil can be challenging, but the new products from Moi Forest offer a solution to this problem!

Moi Forest brings the beneficial microbes of the forest to your bathroom with the help of forest dust

Reconnecting Nature™ microbial extract, a new innovation developed by Finnish universities, is scientifically proven to support the immune system and the microbiome of the body when applied to skin. The extract contains the same microbes as the Finnish forest soil. To offer the best possible skin care result, Moi Forest products also contain high quality vegetable oils with omega fatty acids (3, 6 and 9) and vitamin E in addition to the forest microbial extract, i.e. forest dust. These active ingredients take care of your skin effectively and support the microbes that maintain the balance of the skin. The effects of all the ingredients on the microbiome have also been taken into account, and for example the preservatives used are very mild and food grade quality.

Moi Forest products are:

  • Certified organic (Cosmos Organic)
  • Carbon neutral
  • Manufactured in Finland
  • Vegan
  • Packed in a cardboard tube (with a recyclable plastic cap)

In addition, our products have a high forest dust content, which can be seen in our creams as a grayish colour. The colour however blends into the skin when the product is rubbed in.

Moi Forest multipurpose cream applied on the skin

Moi Forest products for adults and children

Forest Dust Multipurpose Cream

Rich and highly conditioning Multipurpose Cream takes care of dry skin with gentle omega oils, hydrating Finnish birch sap and thousands of beneficial microbes. Use the cream daily on an area of at least 10 cm x 20 cm to strengthen your microbiome. Nurture rough skin on hands and feet as well as other dry areas with the cream. You can use this lovely gentle cream also on the face for example as a night cream, or as a face mask to strengthen skin and prevent premature signs of aging.

Moi Forest multipurpose cream and baby cream in a forest

Forest Dust Nurturing Baby Cream

The cream is designed for baby’s sensitive skin, and it takes care of dry patches while strengthening the skin’s microbiome and immunity. Organic ingredients moisturize and nourish the skin with the help of omega fatty acids. The cream has a delicate scent with no common fragrance allergens. Use the cream on your little one’s skin daily on at least an area of 10 cm x 20 cm to boost the microbiome of the skin.

Research on the subject:

Significant disparities in allergy prevalence and microbiota between the young people in Finnish and Russian Karelia
The Human Microbiota and Its Relationship with Allergies
Nature-derived microbiota exposure as a novel immunomodulatory approach

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