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Frantsila Midsummer Rose Nourishing Facial Cream

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Finnish rose oil and rose hip oil help to moisturize and inhibit pigmentation, while damascus rose essential oil and plantain extract help to treat redness and inflammation, as well as refine skin texture. Also promotes the healing of dilated surface capillaries (couperosa).


Spread gently with finger tips on face after washing.

Midsummer Rose

Damascena. Canina. Pimpinellifolia. Rubiqinosa

These are just some of the rose species found in our Midsummer Rose natural cosmetics, which feature a complex of rose essences, including essential oils, rosehip seed oils and rose hydrosol. These rose essences contain a powerful array of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which provide diverse and significant benefits for any skin care regimen.

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