Frantsila Midsummer Rose & Peat Serum

  • Frantsila Midsummer Rose & Peat Serum

Frantsila Midsummer Rose & Peat Serum

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Package Size: 30 ml Best Before: 31.10.2022 Inventory Quantity: 6 Manufacturing Country: Finland

This organic facial serum moisturizes, firms and smooths small lines by helping the skin to heal itself. The special antioxidant and vitamin rich ingredients help boost the skin’s own metabolism, to make the skin look and feel more radiant and firm.


Apply gently to face and neck, both morning and evening, before moisturizing.

Midsummer Rose

Damascena. Canina. Pimpinellifolia. Rubiqinosa

These are just some of the rose species found in our Midsummer Rose natural cosmetics, which feature a complex of rose essences, including essential oils, rosehip seed oils and rose hydrosol. These rose essences contain a powerful array of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which provide diverse and significant benefits for any skin care regimen.

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Frantsila – natural cosmetics from organic herbs

Frantsila – natural cosmetics from organic herbs

Frantsila is a pioneer in organic herb farming in Finland. Frantsila manufactures natural cosmetics for the face, body and hair, perfume oils and essential oils and other herb products. The Frantsila organic farm is owned by Virpi Raipala-Cormier and Jim Cormier and is located 40 km north west of Tampere, Finland. The farm also offers services for tourists and travelers and organizes courses focused on wellbeing. Frantsila aims to advance people’s physical, psychological and mental wellbeing and living in balance with nature through education.

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