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“Very good products, fast shipping, reliable” – your take on Arctic Pure

We at Arctic Pure get our kicks for being able to share the best things Finland has to offer with people around the world. We truly want to offer products that support your wellbeing inside out and believe that the products that originate from our pure Arctic nature do just that. Therefore we are happy that so many of you guys have found us and are interested in our Nordic treasure chest!

However, our work is never done and we are eager to learn more about what makes our customers tick. That is why we wanted to ask you about your experiences with us and how we could help you even better. In the beginning of 2022, we posted a survey on our site in which you could share your feedback with us. So here’s what you guys thought!

Berries, sauna products, Moomin – here’s what’s on your wishlist

We are constantly reviewing our selection to match your likings and wishes as best as possible. That is why we were eager to hear what kind of products and brands in our selection you like the most.

These products were among your favorites from our current selection:

These brands particularly tickled your fancy:

Do you agree with these or do you have other favorites? ☺️ We also constantly add new Nordic products and brands in our selection to give you even more wonderful options to choose from. That is why we were also curious to know what kind of products you would like to find from our selection in the future.

Here’s what you wanted to see more from us:

  • Foods & superfoods
    • Berry powder mixes
    • Organic marrowbone / liver supplements
    • Nordic pine pollen
    • Waters
    • Sweets
  • Supplements
    • Lysi fish oil
    • Traditional medicinals
    • Arthritis health
    • Hair growth
  • Theme products
    • Biohacking
    • Sauna products
    • Moomin
  • Natural cosmetics, also for men
  • Books

We have heard your wishes and put these suggestions on our to-do list! So keep on following our selection, as we will be adding many of these and a lot of other exciting products there during this year.

Pine flowers and pine pollen

You guys wished to see more ingredients from the Nordic nature in our selection, such as pine pollen.

Your experiences on shopping with us Finns

The internet is full of interesting webshops for wellness and we have so many choices of which shops to spend our hard-earned money on. Therefore we are truly happy, grateful and humbled for each order made from us.

When asked why so many of you have decided to make a purchase from us, the words price, quality, trust, purity, range of selection and delivery to all countries were continuously repeated in your answers. These are all our key values which we truly believe in and which we never want to compromise on – and we are happy to see that these things resonate with you as well. We only take Nordic products in our selection which correspond to our values of high quality and purity and which we ourselves are also happy with. And like Finns in general, we mean what we say. Honesty and trust are essential for us.

“You offer a great selection of products and ship to my country (Malta) in Europe at a good price. Unlike many other shops you don't offer gimmick sales but genuine good sales periodically and the customer service is fantastic!”

“I was delighted to find Arctic Pure and have been very inspired by all the products which exude the commitment to be well-being. I love the way it is presented.”

High quality ingredients and products

Finnish products are known for their high quality and tasteful design. It was nice to see that so many of you had exactly the same perception of Finland and Finnish products:

“I have very strong personal ties with, and to Finland – a country I love. And I know anything produced there will be of very high quality.”

“I wanted to test the products, I like the idea of an all-natural Finnish diet.”

“Arctic Pure has unique products, and the best Finnish quality.”

Fast and reliable delivery all around the world

It is possible to shop from us no matter where you live, since we at Arctic Pure deliver to all countries in the world. And we do it fast and reliably.

“I appreciate your fantastic customer service and your very quick dispatch and delivery.”

“I am very happy that I found you while surfing for Finnish food. Ordering has been easy and it doesn't take long to get the parcel all the way to Australia”

“Very good products, fast shipping, reliable.”

Thank you to everyone who took the time to answer our survey and shared your experiences with us at Arctic Pure. We do this for you, and therefore your feedback is what matters to us. Please remember that you can reach out to us anytime if you have any wishes, ideas or questions.

And in the meantime, take a look at our new arrivals and see if you’ll find new Nordic favorites from there!

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