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Four Sigmatic – delicious mushroom drinks

Four Sigmatic is a Finnish mushroom drink brand with a mission to offer high-quality, easy-to-use and delicious health products that truly have an effect on your wellbeing. Since its foundation in 2012, the brand has gained tremendous success for their functional mushroom elixirs, mushroom coffees and mushroom cacaos. You can’t taste the mushrooms in the drinks (in fact, they are famous for their delicious taste!), but you can certainly feel their benefits. Take mushrooms as a part of your daily diet and feel the difference!

The story of Four Sigmatic began in Finland

Four Sigmatic is a mushroom brand founded in Finland in 2012 and run by four friends. The core team believed in their Mushroom Mission so much that they left their well-paid jobs at Google, Citibank and Hewlett-Packard. The decision paid off as Four Sigmatic has gained recognition and praise for their delicious and effective mushroom products. Four Sigmatic has expanded to more than 25 countries and relocated their business headquarters to the U.S. in 2015. Despite all the success, the work of the Four Sigmatic guys is still inspired by making a real difference in global health.

The name ‘Four Sigmatic’ represents the best foods on the planet

As the founders themselves joke about, the name Four Sigmatic is a nerdy way of describing the best foods available on the planet – that is, the 100 most nutrient-dense and most studied foods. These 100 foods are four sigmas (or four standard deviations) above average food. In addition to mushrooms such as reishi and cordyceps, these foods include for example coffee, cacao, green tea and coconut. Four Sigmatic uses only these foods in their products – hence the brand name Four Sigmatic.

Mushroom coffees, cacaos and elixirs

The selection of Four Sigmatic includes mushroom coffees, mushroom cacaos and mushroom elixirs. You can therefore enjoy the benefits of mushrooms with the drink of your preference!

You can find the following mushrooms from Four Sigmatic’s products:

  • Reishi: reishi is one of the most widely used medicinal mushrooms in the world. Reishi is believed to have balancing effects physically and mentally.
  • Lion’s mane: lion’s mane contains bioactive compounds that are believed to have beneficial effects for the brain, such as reducing anxiety and improving focus.
  • Chaga: chaga is known as a powerful source of antioxidants which also supports the immune system. Chaga was used to brew coffee already during the world wars in Finland.

Get to know the selection of Four Sigmatic and choose your favorite!