Finnish Midsummer Traditions

Finnish Midsummer Traditions

Midsummer, known as Juhannus in Finland, is one of the most significant holidays celebrated in Finland. It marks the summer solstice and is traditionally celebrated on the weekend closest to June 24th.

Here's a glimpse into the unique traditions and activities associated with Juhannus:

Bonfires (Kokko)

One of the most iconic traditions is lighting large bonfires by lakesides or on islands. These fires are believed to ward off evil spirits and bring good fortune.


Saunas are an essential part of Finnish culture, and Juhannus is no exception. Families and friends gather to enjoy sauna sessions, often followed by a refreshing dip in a lake.

Midnight Sun

In the northern parts of Finland, the sun doesn’t set at all during Juhannus. People celebrate the "nightless night" by staying up late, enjoying the extended daylight.

Birch Branches and Flowers

Homes are decorated with birch branches and flowers. It's common to place birch branches at doorways and to make flower crowns to wear during the festivities.

Midsummer Magic and Folklore

There are many beliefs and superstitions associated with Juhannus. For instance, young maidens might pick seven different flowers and place them under their pillow in hopes of dreaming about their future spouse.

Music and Dancing

Many communities organize dances and concerts, where people enjoy traditional Finnish music and dance together.

Food and Drink

Juhannus is a time for feasting. Typical foods include new potatoes with dill, pickled herring, smoked fish, sausages, and fresh berries. Drinks like lonkero (Finnish Long Drink) and various local beers are also enjoyed.

Spending Time at the Summer Cottage

Many Finns have summer cottages (mökki) by lakes or in the countryside. They spend Juhannus at these cottages, relaxing in nature, fishing, and enjoying the company of family and friends.

Juhannus is a time to relax, celebrate the light of summer, and connect with nature. It's a unique and magical experience that truly captures the spirit of Finnish culture.

If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend experiencing Juhannus in Finland!

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