Arctic Pure offers emergency assistance to Ukraine

Arctic Pure offers emergency assistance to the Ukrainian crisis

The world is in the middle of a serious political crisis at the moment. As many other companies and communities have done, Arctic Pure has been seeking ways in the past week to offer concrete help to the situation in Ukraine. Our hearts are now with the people of Ukraine and we continue hoping for a better tomorrow.

Food and first aid kits to Ukraine

After the news on the start of the war broke, we began to contemplate on different ways to lend a helping hand to the Ukrainian people in the middle of the escalated crisis. We heard that one of our collaborators was personally going to deliver food and supplies to the Ukrainian Association in Finland in Helsinki which is currently coordinating and delivering donations to Ukraine. We immediately decided to donate hundreds of first aid kits and a considerable amount of well-preserving energy bars to Ukraine. We were also happy to hear that many of our fellow-entrepreneurs here in Turku, Finland, were also participating in these donations, such as our logistics partner Logitrail.

We also decided to stop delivering orders from Arctic Pure to Russia for the time being.

Would you like to help?

Many international organizations are offering quick and easy ways to donate money to the people suffering from the unfair and inhumane consequences of the crisis. Donations help to provide the Ukrainian people with immediate aid such as food, water, shelter and other basic necessities. The most well-known organizations include:

We want to believe in a peaceful resolution and to reinforce compassion around us

We have been discussing the ongoing situation in world politics with each other here at Arctic Pure. In spite of these difficult times, we are all determined and willing to focus on our work while keeping the situation in Ukraine in our hearts and minds. In a situation like this, the presence of our loved ones seems even more valuable than ever as well as living life one day at a time, appreciating each moment.

We wish to encourage our customers to believe together in a better tomorrow and to cultivate compassion towards the innocent families in Ukraine as well as in Russia who have not done anything to end up in the middle of such a horrific situation. Let’s show with our own actions that the majority of the people in this world want peace, not war.

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