Kari's Pine Extract Drink 10-pack

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Nature’s best antioxidants

Kari's Pine Extract Drink has been manufactured for over 40 years according to a recipe based on ancient Finnish folk traditions. The product does not contain any additives, preservatives or colourants.

Ten bottles in a package. One bottle contains 600 ml.

The Drink is made from the bark and phloem of young Finnish pines and pure spring water. Pine bark contains high volumes of natural minerals and proanthocyanidins,
which are powerful antioxidants.

A glassful of Kari’s Pine Extract Drink provides you with nature’s best antioxidants in a rapidly absorbable form.


  • Daily use: 1-4 dl per day Suitable for all ages. The drink can be consumed as is.
  • Efficient use: 3-4 dl per day.

The drink should not be used to replace a varied and balanced diet.

The drink is made of natural ingredients and is suitable for all ages.

Add a little boost to your day with herb shots

Add a little boost to your day with herb shots
Herbs have been used in natural medicine for centuries for example for strengthening the immune system, relieving flu symptoms or reducing inflammation. As the name suggests, herb shots contain a mixture of different herbs known for their medicinal properties. Common ingredients of herb shots include for example pine bark extract, roseroot, nettle, spruce sprouts and chaga. Herb shots are a convenient way to get an extra energy boost to your day. Herb shots can be enjoyed as such or they can be mixed with water or other drinks.