Renjer Nordic Elk Jerky Sea Salt

Renjer Nordic Elk Jerky Sea Salt

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The protein-rich meat from King of the Northern forest won't let you down.

The elk has been and always will be the king of the Northern forests. With our Traditional Nordic Elk Jerky you can taste this majestic meat for yourself now!

Unique recipe - just meat and sea salt

And, since many people asked us before, let us make this point clear right from the beginning: Yes, this is the world’s biggest deer species, the large European elk with its huge, broad antlers – also known as moose in North America.

We worked hard to improve our previous recipe and we came to the conclusion that we need to provide an elk jerky version that is not seasoned with any additional spices that could cover up the original and wild taste of this meat.

The elk meat that is used in our products is sourced from the Scandinavian and Baltic forests and is 100% wild game meat from sustainable hunting.

This wilderness can be tasted in every bite of this delicious and slightly smoked snack. The other main ingredient is sea salt – not too much, not too little – just the right amount to emphasise the harmonic gamey taste of this exclusive meat from the very first moment you try it. To sum up, our elk jerky is the perfect snack for everyone, who values naturality when it comes to jerky!

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Additional info

Elk meat (Alces Alces) (91,3 %), sea salt, white wine vinegar, stabilizer (citrus pectin).
It takes 275 g of elk meat for 100 g jerky.

Nutritional content 100 g
Energy (kJ), 1135
Energy (kcal), 271
Fat (g), 1,8
- of which saturated (g), 0,9
Carbohydrate (g), 2
- of which sugar (g), 1,3
Protein (g), 53,5
Salt (g), 3,2

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