Collection: Renjer

Game jerky from the wild nature of the North

Experience the wild flavors of the North! Renjer makes game jerky from Nordic reindeer, elk and deer. Game jerky is an excellent snack for the ones with an adventurous spirit: rich in protein but low in fat, they provide healthy and tasty nutrition during hikes or after hard workouts. (Nothing wrong with enjoying these delicious jerkys as a snack during movie night either.) Game jerky is also a more sustainable alternative to mass-produced beef jerky. Order today and get ready to experience the unique and wild taste of game!

Wild game jerky for the adventurous spirit

Renjer is a startup from Sweden which makes game jerkies from game which comes from the pure Nordic nature. The Renjer game jerkies are a delicious, healthy and sustainable snack. They are ready to be enjoyed as such and they make a great protein-rich snack to be enjoyed during hikes, after workouts or during a busy day at work.

The selection of Renjer includes the following:

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The sustainability of game meat

Game meat is a more ecological and ethical option to industrially-produced meat. Unlike production animals, wild animals get to live free in nature and enjoy plants and berries from the pure Nordic nature. The hunting of game is strictly regulated and also helps to control wildlife which benefits other species. The reindeer meat used in the Renjer jerkies is from Arvidsjaur in Northern Sweden and the elk and deer meats come from Finland and Estonia.

Game meat is known for its delicious taste and low fat content. For example reindeer meat contains mostly good omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, vitamin B12, iron and zinc. Game meat also contains a lot of protein which is why game jerky is an excellent snack after workouts.