Puhdas+ Magnesium Spray

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Puhdas+ Magnesium Spray is a strong magnesium spray for external use.


Use a magnesium spray for magnesium deficiencies, eg. muscle cramps, growth pains, cramps and restless legs. Spray magnesium on the skin at close range (about 10 cm) 4-5 times.

Magnesium is best absorbed when sprayed on thin areas of the skin, such as bend of the arm, or directly into the problem area. The spray is easily absorbed and does not stain.

At the beginning of the use, magnesium can cause mild tingling and slight redness on sensitive skin, which usually stops when continuing use.

4-5 sprays contains about 320-400 mg of highly absorbable magnesium chloride with pure magnesium from 100 to 124 mg.

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Magnesium Chloride (brine).

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